Now, the next turn is for “Yippee” noodles of Sunfeast by ITC and “Bambino” Macaroni by Bambino Agro Industries after Maggi of Nestle India. While, testing a few samples of these instant food products, Gujarat Food and Drugs Control Administration (FDCA) found the presence of lead and monosodium glutamate (MSG) beyond their permissible limit. So, the state food authority announced a ban on these two products in the whole Gujarat.

According to Mr. HG Koshia, who is the FDCA Commissioner, out of 23 samples of Sunfeast Yippee, one sample contained higher lead quantity while, some sample showed the presence of MSG. Mr. Koshia confirmed that,

“In one of the samples of Yipee, lead content was found to be 3.44 PPM instead of the prescribed limit of 2.5 PPM. Such an excess of lead is harmful if consumed. We also found MSG in some other samples, while some samples were found safe”.


Talking about the lead content found in “Bambino” Macaroni was 4.1 PPM. As, Maggi has already banned in Gujarat for the previous month, but later on, Gujarat Government extended its ban for this ongoing month also. Similarly, the Hakka Noodles, which is also prohibited by the state food authority for one month, has extended its ban for this month too. Apart from noodle products, 60 other food items, such as wafers, cold drinks and ice cream will be tested in the upcoming days.


We know that you are getting crazy to put a bite of these dishes into your mouth, but we feel sorry while informing that you will have to sustain your patience till the removal of the ban.