Last month was full of hardships for Nestle India as it suffered from a very dreadful circumstances due to its several products. And, now there’s a good news for the company as the Canadian Food Regulator has declared that Nestle India Maggi noodle products were safe for consumption. Canada is the 5th country, after the UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, which found that Maggi is safe for the consumption.

During testing, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) did not find any harmful elements in the Maggi noodles, sold in Canada. The food regulator stated that, “We are continuing to monitor the situation in India and working with our international regulatory partners”. Last month, the Maggi noodles declared as safe for the consumption by the Singapore’s food regulator.

According to the India’s food regulator, Maggi contains high amount of lead and MSG beyond its permissible limit, so due to this, FSSAI prohibited the product from the country and termed as “ unsafe and hazardous”. Then, the company has decided to destroy all the samples, which were already manufactured. And, it has also got permission by the Mumbai High Court to export Maggi from India.

After Maggi, the Nestle India has been came into trouble with so many the complaints from the customers regarding their several products.