After the reports of excess amount of lead found in Nestle Maggi noodles, the FSSAI has become much more strict and has been actively checking various other products available in the market.  There has been a growing concern whether these products are safe for consumption as it involves millions of lives.

Certain products belonging to Starbucks, Ranbaxy, Kellogs and HUL’s Knorr have been blacklisted by the authorities. Apart from these, there are some energy drinks that claim to be energising and refreshing have been actually found with inappropriate amount of caffeine and ginseng which rather affects our health and can cause various life threatening diseases.

However, after so many rejected applications and NOC withdrawals by the authorities, there are still some products which have not been totally removed from the market. Reportedly, energy drinks like Tzinga, Cloud 9 and Monster are being sold openly in some parts of the country in spite of being banned by the authorities in the month of May.