Apple, the name which brings iPhone, iPad or Mac image in the mind of a common man. Today, the time is when this word symbolize the hallmark of fashion instead of that typical fruit. The reason is that it always mark its presence with a new and remarkable technologies which becomes the trend in common. But it is not the only one in tech market. Google, the name you all use to check even the internet connection within your gadgets, is also one of similar tech giant over the globe. Both these companies are rivals of each other not directly, but indirectly.

Actually, Google is the father of Android, the operating system used by nearly 80% of handheld devices. On the other hand, Apple is the owner of iPhone, the trademark of reputation. Both these giants compete with each other when the question of Best smartphones or best Operation System comes. Google is not only a single service provider. Within Android, the company has enriched so many admirable traits which are not present in any other mobile OS. Few of the features includes Gmail, Google Plus, Google drive, Google Photos, Google Maps and many more. All these features are totally unmatched in their respective categories.

Recently, Apple came into limelight numerous times due to its ongoing research on Street View for Apple Maps. It is working hard to beat the Street View feature available in Google Maps. So, being the burning topic, let’s discover the story behind all this research of Apple.

Introduction to Street View of Google Maps

As the name by default defines the characteristics of Google Street View. Google availed this feature in G-maps in the year 2007 with the plan to offer 360 degree real life view of the location. Actually in the year 2001, a project was initialized under The Stanford CityBlock Project, a Google-sponsored Stanford University research project. This project was ended in 2006 which was give the name “Street View“. A user can see the real world images of any location through this feature. Till now, many up-gradations has been executed in Street View which results in best experience for the users till date.

Google Map


Introduction to Apple Maps

Apple Maps is also a mapping service application which is developed for iOS, OS X operating systems, as well for the Apple Watch. This service was launched in 2012. Till then, Apple used to provide Google maps in all the Apple devices. After its development, company replaced G-maps with Apple maps. But till now, this service has experienced much criticism from its users. The reason is in-availability of G-maps features like Street View and transit directions.

Apple Map

Now, Apple has setup its mind to destroy Google Maps by updating its Mapping service with Street View.

It recently disclosed the much hidden ongoing research which claimed that Apple is scrolling on the streets in specially equipped cars in order to make street view data for Apple-maps. But similar to G-maps, it has also assured the public to retain the privacy of their personal information. For privacy, Apple have used the same concept as used by Google Maps i.e. blurring the faces, nameplates of cars/motorbikes. The story actually begins in the initial days of February, this year, when few cars were seen on the roads with a camera rig attached to it with multiple cameras. This leads to the speculation that Apple was using it to develop a product similar to Google Street View.

What’s new in Apple Maps that can beat Google Map?

You all might be thinking that even after upgrading the mapping service, Apple still not compete with Google Maps. So, what more are they planning to beat Google’s street view and be the number one in the list. For that, Apple is planning to add the trait to locate nearby merchants within their maps. It will also enable the users to check whether those nearby merchants accept Apple Pay service or not. This will be a game changer in the battle of online mapping service.

Apple Map Street View


What’s more from Apple in Near Future?

According to the recent news, Apple is negotiating with the team of Tesla. It is being speculated that they both are discussing on an agreement to offer Apple electric car somewhere in 2020. Till now, no exact report has been made public on their conversation, but Apple had considered purchasing electric car manufacturer Tesla.

Apple Car

According to one of the books written on Steve Jobs biography, Jobs quoted that
“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

Even he is not alive, but his expectations are still alive and the company is doing tough homework to make his dream true.

What are your views? Do you think that Apple will beat Google someday or not?