As we all know that there are countless high-end gadgets to click unmatched images. With the availability of such featured image capturing products, the storage covered by Photos also increases time to time. But what to do when you reach to an extreme end? The only alternate to opt is to delete old files and save the new ones. What if all the Photos are stored on cloud in a fully managed and systematic order? Yes there are many online services that provide you to save photos onto their drive, but there too you will face the issue of limited storage. So whats the best alternate then?

Recently in the Google I/O Event 2015, many new services were launched from Google’s end. Google Photos was one of many announcements made by them. In the event it was finally declared that the company is launching this service seperate from GPlus . In this event, the company made it clear that this action was taken in concern to many of the GPlus users. But even after being live on net, there are so many users over the globe who are unaware of all What and How of Google Photos. So, without any further delay, lets dive into the functionalities as well as its awesome traits.

Unlimited Storage

In the I/O 2015 event, Google publicly declared that this service will be provided to every gmail user along with a bunch of jaw dropping feature. The company told that users can store as many photos as they want onto this free to use package. It means they have not set any limit to the storage capacity of Google Photos.

google photos storage


Social Media Sharing

What if you are given a still image without any source of sharing that image. That image will be totally worthless. So to cope up with the existing services of different competitors, Google too availed social sharing options with each and every image you upload within your account.

google photos social sharing


Intelligent Search

G-Photos is coded with a smart and intelligent search functionality through which it will give you the best search results. We all know that it is a hectic task for every user to search for any photo clicked on any particular event, on any particular date. But, this no more a headache with Google Photos. The photo bank is intelligently managed which gives you the exact result that you are expecting. The only task you have to do is to search with the word you want to find photos of. Like if you need to pop-out all the images of Christmas, the you simply need to search “Christmas”.

google photos ordered search 

Photo Editing

Google Photos is supplemented with one more feature that will allow you to perform editing of your uploaded photos. From now, it becomes easy for you to create collage, movies, animations, adding audio tracks to your photos and many more with a simple click on “+” icon on the screen. With each of your creativity, you can preview it or discard it if you need to do so.

Google Photos Photo Editing 

Build In Recycle Bin

This is a common mistake that usually while deleting unwanted photos from any folder or drive, some important photos are deleted by mistake. In case of desktop, laptop, the trash is used to store your deleted garbage; but in case of cloud storage no such option is available. Fortunately, that time has gone! Google Photos supports a Trash where all your deleted photos, creations will reside. But all the deleted data will remain in the memory for just 60 days. So, if you have deleted some of your good photos by mistake, then no need to be worried about. just restore it from the build in Recycle Bin.
Google Photos Trash


Tough Competitor

It’s will be correct to say that Google initialized this service a bit later, when many other have already offered similar services years ago. G-Photos is having many competitors which majorly includes Apple iZone, Flickr, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive. Well, it will really be tough to take out the topper in the race, but it will really be interesting to see the batter between all these mentioned Photo sharing services to snatch the top rank.

Google Photos Competitor

These are the amazing features that are can make you to pick up your phone and start downloading the app within your mobile as well as desktop.

So, What do you think? Is this Google Photos Package enriched with features which makes it totally unique service to use or not?