The noodle manufacturing firms operating in India seem to be having a difficult time nowadays. After the controversial ban on Nestle Maggi noodles by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), HUL has also stopped the production of its popular Knorr Chinese instant noodles. Consequently, the advertisements showcasing these noodles are to be removed from television and other media.

Even though, the company has submitted an application regarding the product approval to the concerned authorities, it does not want to get into any kind of trouble. However, out of two categories of noodles that HUL offers namely Knorr Chinese noodles and Knorr Soupy noodles, only Chinese noodles will be temporarily unavailable. The sales and promotion of the latter will continue without any obstruction.

Reportedly, Nestle had been investing INR 150 Crores for advertising Maggi noodles till the time it was banned while Knorr invested INR 15-20 Crores on advertisements. After these advertisements being removed, there is likely to be a huge loss, particularly for noodle advertising industry.

However, another firm ITC, which makes Yippee noodles has stated that no changes will be made in their promotional strategy as no fault has been found in the product. Chings by Capital Food is yet another noodle brand which is known for its unusual and interesting commercials featuring actor Ranveer Singh.