As, we are approaching towards the end of the year 2014, the time to cheer up for the new year is also coming ahead. The new year is one of those occasional moments when you can enjoy a dining out with your family and lock make new year resolutions together with your soul mate or your loving ones. It is the time when you can go out our with your family and forget all your hectic and busy office life. But as everything has to be preplanned, the planning for any dine out party has must also be planned few weeks prior to the day of the event. But what if you want it to be an amazing and unforgettable moments throughout your life. So on that basis, below are the most amazing dine-out places in India to celebrate this new year 2015.


The name describes all about it. Goa has been the point of attraction for not only Indians, but for foreigners too. The places of Goa is the best one to enjoy your 2015 dine-out in India with your friends or family. With the availability of beaches, pubs, bars, discos, guest houses, resorts and some of the best restaurants in India you can fulfill all the requirements you need at enjoy at one place. The most famous aspect of this place is that you can get any type of drink you want and that’s all at a very low price. The breeze of seashore, the calmness of peace totally make you feel fresh and energetic all the time. A variety of dishes makes you feel like a unique dine-out place in India.



Delhi is also Known as the Capital of India, Delhi has been a point of attraction for visitors all over the globe. This place is also one of the best place to plan your dine out in India for the new year. From the list of a variety of expensive night clubs to hop around, you can select anyone as per your choice. Delhi offers a party life to all who came to enjoy the New Year in India’s capital territory.


The IT hub of India, commonly known as Bangluru is another good place to enjoy your party. Being situated in the southern area of Indian Geographical map, you can see a large crowd and live DJ’s that will make you dance your body over the beats of music. You can plan your party at this place as there is a New Year bash at Leela Kempinski, Dugout Rooftop Restaurant and Sports Bar, the Last Party at Sutra, New Year party at F Bar&Kitchen.



The most populous city of India, wealthiest city in India i.e. Mumbai is the place where everyone might be willing to visit. From the top class chefs and award winning restaurants, this culturally diverse city boasts a wealth of unforgettable dining experiences for the Elite Traveler to tang.This city never sleeps at night. So, here the enjoyment can be experience continuously from early in the day to late in the night. You can enjoy the spark of parties in a house or at a beach. The city celebrates the new year with an enthusiasm and zeal in them. Mumbai is also the place where all the actor/actress resides.



The city of Rajputs, renowned for its friendly reception brings it into the list of few famous dine-out places in India. It has a number of places you can select for your new years party. The taste of dal baati churma, pyazz kachori, gatte ki sabzi, papad ki sabzi. , experience of Ghoomar dance makes you fully relaxed and feel like you are in a new world. A dine-out in Udaipur along with your family would really be a fun. The facility of DJ’s and Discos is also available in abundance at these places.


To taste the flavor of east India, Kolkata is the best place to plan your dine-out in India. Kolkata is the venue with ample facilities of the best restaurants with best in class varieties. Whether you are peckish and want to eat something that hits just the right spot or you want to try some delicious local cuisine, there is a Kolkata restaurant that will satisfy all your requirements.

So, all the top places are mentioned here to plan your dine out for the new year. Without waiting a second, you must collect all your essentials, apply for a leave and enjoy going out to make this new year, the unforgettable moment of your life.

Happy New Year .