One of the global hospitality chains, Marriott International is planning to launch its popular design-focused AC Hotels in India this year. It will be one of the seven brands that the company had planned to set up in India. And also, this year is going to be busy as the company will target on increasing the brand portfolio.

Mr. Neeraj Govil, Marriott International Inc’s Market Vice President for South Asia stated,

“We are identifying the place and the project will come up in any metro cities in India”.

AC Hotels was started in 2011 as a partnership between Marriott International and Spanish group AC Hotels. As of now, this brand has 79 hotels in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France, including around 9,000 rooms. Each hotel’s design reflects the uniqueness, having sophisticated European style.

He further commented,

“The design-led hotel slated to open in India would solidify its position as a leader in the boutique-lifestyle hotel sector catering to the creativity and passions of travelers with a millennial in Spain and is among the 50 best-valued brands within that market. There are currently five AC Hotels by Marriott in the company’s global development pipeline”.