Last updated on – Apr 30, 2016

Bikes fitted with broad tyres looks lovely and has additional value too. Some bikes are born with Broad tyres. Such bikes are tuned in every aspect to adjust with broad tyres. The bikes which are not fitted with the same can be modified as per rider’s choice. Now, everybody knows that broad tyres are mean to raise the grip and stability on all kinds of roads along with decreasing mileage by a certain amount. But is that the only effect which it makes?

  • Except drowning the mileage of the bike, broad tyres do have some more drawbacks.Indian roads are not as per international level where roads the very smooth and without any bumps. So cornering the bike is not a good thing here. Broad tyres are meant to support the bike when one takes leaning one side turns. The broad edges help rider to continue riding without any slipping chance. Such roads are very less in our country and hence expensing on this is not advised.
  • Due to lack of such roads the tyre doesn’t get utilized completely and a good amount of it remains unused. A tyre has U shape which experiences maximum pressure over the area which remains in contact with the ground. The walls of the U shaped tyre remain untouched.

Broad tyres drawbacks

  • The puncture plugs, pebbles and other rigid objects stuck to it create cracks to the nearby and non eroded portion. This makes it unfavourable to run for the long term.
  • If a tyre gets punctured over the bottom portion than it can be healed using puncture plugs, as it get stuck to the tyre with time. But if the puncture is on the walls then, it is a signal to change the tyre.

side and bottom punctures in broad tyres

  • The stability of a bike gets highly affected when a bike is modified by replacing only one tyre with a broader one. It doesn’t matter if any one of them is less eroded, one should replace both of them while replacing.
  • A wheel rim is designed for a particular tyre size. Adjusting a broad tyre in a narrow rim could make it bend on turns and create a scene of dread.

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