Smasssh Entertainment is a company, part of the AHA Holdings Pvt. Ltd, and now it is planning to enter into the F&B (Food and Beverages) sector with Adrenaline Foods. The company will launch total 9 brands in India, out of which three brands are Sholaa-Indian grill and kitchen, Hiley Duley Oriental stir fry and Copper pan-Indian curry house are already running in Pune and Mumbai.

The other brands that are in the queue include Malabar-South Indian delicacies, Nefris-Mediterranean kitchen, Chaan-Mumbai-street tava, Memories-Sports bar and lounge.

Mr. Srinidhi Rao, CEO of Smaaash stated that,

“By 2016, the company plans to establish 50 outlets across India, and therefore concentrate on its abroad expansion. We have set aside fice crore for this expansion through equity. Smasssh Entertainment has always been in the active lifestyle business and hence expansion into the F&B space is a logical step for us as 40% of our revenue is generated through this sector itself. We are expanding in markets like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad. We will also be opening our brand in Dubai by end of this year. With the growth of the smaller cities, we are expanding into Baroda as well, and if that takes up well then we might enter Ahemdabad”.

He also suggested on how the company positions its USPs and commented that,

“Just as the company has always been in the active lifestyle business, the same philosophy applies for our F&B brands well. We promised ourselves that all our food will be fresh and no commissary and customers can decide on how he wants his food to be prepared”.