According to the doctors, Trans Fats is to be the worst type of fat, which you can eat. It is an unsaturated fat, that are formed via an industrial process called hydrogenation. It increases bad cholesterol and decreases good cholesterol, which raise the level of heart diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the term as “toxic” for the Trans Fats.

The US Food and Drug Administration has taken a legal action to remove trans fats from the processed food in the country and this suit would definitely reduce the heart diseases, which prevent a number of heart attacks every year. From this act, India should take inspiration in order to be awaken as soon as possible.

As per the experts view Indian snacks, both packed and road-side products contained huge amount of unhealthy fats, causes risk for the health. Most of the restaurants, use this element in cooking their dishes, because it remains the food longer to be good.

Here’s the following list in which trans fats is included:


Baked items: Almost all the baked foods, such as cakes, cookies, pie crusts, and crackers contained high amount    of trans fats.

Fried Food: Food, which require deep fryers like french fries, doughnuts, fried chicken and many more carry trans fats from the oil, used in cooking process.

Snacks: Snacks, such as potato, corn and tortilla chips have trans fats in high amount. Even, popcorn, which is said to be as healthy snack, contains trans fats to help in cook or to flavour it.

Margarine: Non-dairy products also may contain this partially hydrogenated oil .

How to reduce intake of trans fats?


However, some of the food manufacture companies reduce trans fats from the products, but it’s still in many other products. You can also decrease intake of this by aware of these things:

  • Whenever, you purchase snacks or any other food products, check and read out saturated fats and trans fats on the labels of them.
  • If any products contain large amount of trans fats, you should avoid them.
  • In your diet, include plenty of fruits and vegetables to reduce the processed and fried foods.