The largest food and beverage exhibition in Asia, SIAL China is going to be conducted in Shanghai from 5-7 May 2016. And, it’s expected that around 50 Indian companies will participate in this event. It’s the 17th edition of this food show, which will welcome 66,000 visitors and over 2,900 exhibitors from 65 countries.

Mr. Tribhuvan Darbari, Director General of the Chindia Chamber of Commerce stated,

“28 Indian companies have registered till now, we expect this number to go up to 50. The exhibition is expected to boost India’s food & beverage exports to China, thereby helping reduce the huge trade deficit between the two countries”.

Yes, it’s true that China is one of the world’s largest consumer markets and its food market is predicted to exceed 1.73 trillion USD by 2018. Mr. Bjoern Kempe, Exhibition Director of SIAL China said,

“Indian participation at SIAL China should diversify into the strength of the agro-processing industry. Grocery, Beverages, and Confectionery products are some of the areas in which Indian processed foods could excel. As a developing agricultural powerhouse, India is well positioned to supply China for its import needs”.

He added,

“As India’s food and beverage ambitions evolve, events like SIAL China are even more ideally situated to provide opportunities for developing imports and exports in this key industry sector”.

Visitors will get to see diverse products ranging from food material to gourmet by numerous national pavilions including USA, Korea, Taiwan Region, Poland, Turkey, France and many more in the Shanghai food show.

This year, SIAL China will offer the possibility to delve into food sectors along with the discussion on the future of food. Besides these, it will also exchange worldwide best practices to solve food business issues.