There is a big smile? on the faces of Sanjay Dutt’s fans!! As this Bollywood actor is going to be released from prison on 25th February 2016. So, to celebrate this moment, one of the prominent eateries Noor Mohammadi Hotel, which is famous for its Mughlai food will offer a special culinary delight called “Chicken Sanju Baba” free of cost, Yeah!!

The restaurant is located in south Mumbai, which will offer the signature recipe, created by Dutt himself and gifted to restaurant owner Mr. Khalid Hakim. There are many other delicious delicacies that are loved by Sanjay Dutt, such as Chicken Hakimi, Dal Ghee, White Chicken Biryani, Zafrani Tangdi Kabab, Tiranga Kabab Shangi Kabab and much more. Mr Hakim stated,

“It was only much later in 2010 – on one of his visits that he created a special gravy-based chicken dish for us and we named it after him as “Chicken Sanju Baba” on the menu card. He also gave me his written consent to prepare and sell it to our patrons”.


Gradually, this dish has been become the top choice of the customer on the menu along with other traditional favourites. According to the plans of the restaurant, Chicken Sanju Baba will serve free of cost to all customers and fans from 12 pm to 12 am on Thursday.