Lucknow- the land of “Nawab” and “Awadhi” cuisine, which is well-known as a food paradise!! With so many historical places, Lucknow has a divine taste of food. It’s famous for its special cuisine in all over the world. From Kebabs to Paans to Biryani, all are popular among the locals and the visitors. Especially for the non-vegetarians, Lucknow cuisine is delightful and amazing that render zesty and spicy flavours to the taste buds. The taste, the aroma and the air of the city spread magic all around you. Since, it’s known as “Nawab ka Sheher” the royal cooks and chefs are trained to deliver an exquisite culinary spread, fit for nawabi taste.

According to my opinion, everyone should go to Lucknow to experience its royal cuisine, which you won’t find anywhere else. And now, we are here to introduce you the most delicious dishes of this city that makes you more hunger. Even though the list of delicacies is endless, but here are some 10 sumptuous dishes that you cannot miss when you are in Lucknow. So, just take a look over them and enjoy your culinary trip to this city.

10 amazing dishes to try out in Lucknow:

Galawati Kebab


Kebabs are all time favourite food, which was once made exclusively for a Nawab in Lucknow. It’s a classic combination of ground meat and unripe papaya and once both the ingredients marinated completely, a mixture of spices is added to the dish. Don’t miss this dish during your Lucknow visit.

Lucknowi Biryani


As we all know that both Hyderabad and Lucknow is quite famous for yummy and delicious Biryani. This sumptuous dish is straight from the street of the city. The right amount of the flavour in the dish and the final product is something that you cannot resist.

Lucknawi Paan


As you all know that no royal meal is complete without paan and if it’s Lucknowi Paan, then it becomes cherry on the cake. Lucknawi Pann is a treat for paan lovers as this pann is more than just patta, supari and gulkand put together. It’s an experience in itself and if you haven’t tasted it, you are missing out on life!!



You all have eaten Naan many times, but have you ever hear the name of sweet naan, which is known as Sheermals. It’s baked in tandoor and goes well with anything spicy. Sheermals are prepared with warm milk that is sweetened with sugar and generally flavoured with saffron.

Malai Ki Gilori


Those, who are very much fond of desserts, then get ready to sink your teeth in the Malai KI Gilori in Lucknow. It will melt in your mouth in seconds and we are sure you won’t be able to stop at just one!!

Tokri Chaat


Whenever you hear the name of chaat, your mouth gets fill with water!! There is no doubt that Chaat is one of the Indian’s favourite snack and its filling leaves both your stomach and taste buds satiated. It’s also called Basket Chaat and the city offers a variety of these on the streets.

Boti Kebab


If you ask anyone in Lucknow that which dish we should prefer for a starter, then they will definitely mention Boti Kebab. Soft pieces of meat heated under intense heat that render an ultimate taste. It’s one of the many famous kebabs that Lucknow has to offer.

Tunday Kebab


One of the royal kebabs that have a very interesting history. As the Tunday means handicapped and they got their name, because the person, who made them first was handicapped. Over 100 spices go into the making of this royal kebab and they literally melt in your mouth and are best served with Rumali roti.

Prakash Ki Kulfi


If you are ending your Lucknow trip, then don’t miss Prakash Ki Kulfi. So special is the kulfi that the shop serves only Kulfi Faluda. Served in front of your eyes in seconds and its flavour is perfect and leaves you wanting more!!

Murg Shahi Korma


Rich, creamy and classic Chicken Curry with a unique nutty taste and also combined with piquant spices. Murg Shahi Korma is counted as one of the traditional recipes of the Lucknawi cuisine.