In the next few years, Saudi Arabia is aiming to construct the world’s largest hotel in the holiest city known as, Mecca by investing USD 3.5 billion. This spectacular hotel named as, The Abraj Kudai includes 45 stories with 10,000 rooms in 12 towers and apart from, there will be 70 restaurants and four helipads.

The hotel has been designed by “Dar Al Handasah” group and will be located in the Manafia area in Mecca’s central zone. The total space to built this project is 1.4 million square meters and it’s expected that, the door will be opened of the hotel in the year of 2017.

Out of 12 towers, 10 are planned to provide four-star accommodation, while two of them will offer luxurious five-star amenities. Except the hotel, there will be a residential complex, which includes a shopping mall, food courts, bus station, conference center and an opulent ballroom.

The main aim of building this amazing hotel is to provide accommodation for the rising number of Muslims, who visit Mecca and other holiest city during their annual pilgrimage.

In future, this hotel will be emerging as one of the best hotels in the world.