There’s no doubt that the “Taj Rambagh Palace” is one of the finest hotels in the entire Jaipur, Rajasthan. This splendid palace was the former house of the Maharaja of Jaipur, albeit it takes a bit imagination to experience living in that era. Luxury and comfort combine to ease guests with a different frame of mind.

The Rambagh Palace, built in 1835, where only the garden house was established for the prince Ram Singh II. And, after a while in the early 20th century, it was decided to enlarge it into a palace. In the 1950s, the royal family felt that the maintenance of the palace and its gardens were becoming very costly, so they decided to handover it to the Taj Group in 1957.

In 1972, the Rambagh Palace becames “Taj Rambagh Palace”, one of the five-star hotels of the Taj Group. Today, this opulent hotel is very popular in all over the world, with deluxe amenities.

Below are the few specialities of this magnificent palace, where you can feel like a king:


  • The palace includes 79 rooms with wonderful suites and at the ancient time, they were all as the chambers of the Maharaja.
  • The interior of the hotel is embedded with rich fabrics and silk drapes draw from the colorful arts and warm hues of Rajasthan.
  • Here, the guests indulge with “The Jiva Grande Spa”, with warm therapies, which makes a lavish experience.
  • Foods and drinks are the royality symbol of the Rambagh Palace with fine dining restaurants and bars.
  • You can also experience with a special occasion, formal gatherings, meeting, conferences, and weddings.

Taj Rambagh Palace Restaurants


  • The Rajput Room
  • The Polo Bar
  • Steam

Places to visit near Taj Rambagh Palace


  • Central Park
  • Statue Circle
  • Alber Hall Museum
  • Dolls Museum
  • Tapri
  • B M Birla Auditorium

Why should you visit at least once here?


This spectacular 5-star hotel is a dream hotel of many of us (including me also) and of course it should be because everyone wish to live a life like a king once and indulge with all those facilities like a king have. So, all these wishes will come true at this hotel. It’s not mandatory to stay here for 2-3 days to experience the royal life, you can visit the restaurants inside it and enjoy with your colleagues, friends, and families.