Indian Hotels Co. Ltd (IHC), which is owned by the Tata Group is now planning to start 10 new Vivanta hotels in the upcoming 5 years. Vivanta by Taj is considered as extremely lavish, stylish and the accommodations provided are of the royal class. IHC may expend around INR 2,000 crore to initiate Vivanta hotels. Out of 10, two hotels will open in Guwahati and Amritsar around 150 rooms in each, including one hotel in Dubai also.

Mr. Veer Vijay Singh , the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Vivanta hotels and resorts stated that,

“There is no set number for investment, but it typically costs a crore for a room. We have 6,000 rooms in our 40 hotels at present and we will add 2,000 rooms (globally) over the next five years”.

The company , which owned Vivanta by Taj resorts in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Malaysia, is also planning to enter in the West Asia and Africa. Vivanta by Taj was established in September 2010 by the Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces with 19 hotels and by 2013, this number grew to 27.

He said,

“At present, we have 30 Vivanta by Taj and 10 other hotels which we run as strategic business units (SBUs) under the company, but they have not been christened as Vivanta as yet. We will be opening one Vivanta property in Dubai in the next three years. We are actively looking at the African market to expand”.

The 10 others hotels that the company run as SBUs, many of which are situated in Bhutan and Zambia so, that will take some time to be converted into Vivanta.