Indian chef, Mr. Gaggan Anand, is now planning to launch a restaurant in India. His Bangkok restaurant “Gaggan”, has been now listed in the category of the 50 best restaurants in Asia. Mr. Gaggan Anand’s native place is Kolkata, India, but in 2007 he arrived in Bangkok to start their journey and yes, he is now bringing a restaurant in India.

Recently, an interview conducted by Lettuce Review (the freelance writer at GQ India) in which some points have discussed with Mr. Anand on his restaurant opening in India, Indian chefs and Indian food.

About his restaurant in India, which he is planning to start it by the end of this year or early next, but he also said that,

“I want to come to India to enjoy India, not to teach Indians Indian food”.

And, if he cooks Indian food, it will taste better in India. Mr. Anand also discussed about a restaurant, which he will start that, there will be a new chef with a new identity and taste, he will just be as a coach.


Mr. Anand’s opinion about Indian chefs and restaurants are not much as good because, he didn’t find anyone better in India excluding Mr. Manish Mehrotra, one of the best chefs in India. He is really inspired by him. While, talking about other Indian chefs, they just want popularity specially young chefs as they all move from one restaurant to another only for the brand names and do not search, innovate or learn anything about the food.

He stated in his interview that,

“Everyone has their dreams, for some chefs the point is to attend parties and cut ribbons or be a TV star and several good Indian chefs are doing that. I think chefs in India should first learn how to cook a perfect omelette”.