Trouble for Cola industry!!? Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed to add at least 2% natural fruit juice? in the aerated beverages. Due to this suggestion, the soft-drink industry has been stumped as it’s impossible to implement for the entire category of products. PM Modi made this suggestion at Saturday’s Startup India program.

Mr. Narendra Modi stated,

“Why can’t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks? This will provide farmers a market for their produce”.

Along with this, he had also recommended to visiting executives of the companies concerned as well. For the cola industry, this would be difficult to apply as it will lead to a huge loss. Already, the proposal to increase taxes on cola manufactures under the goods and services tax has become a complicated matter.

However, some of the manufacturers are seeking to bring out new products with fruit content. A senior executive at a cola company said,

“It’s impossible to add fruit juice in all our existing products, it will ruin our trademark formula. But we are working on a few additional variants with juice and carbonate blends”.

According to the food regulatory authority of the country, minimum 10% fruit juice or pulp content should be there in drinks to qualify as a juice drink. For a lime drink, it’s 5%. This again a big problem for the company, because adding even 5% juice will inflate the cost of production.

Apart from these, to increase the shell life of the drinks, the company requires higher levels of preservatives, which are also limited. Adding fruit juice in the aerated drinks will reduce the shell life of these fizzy beverages?. If all the above things happen, then the soft drink industry will become sick.?