Careful: Fast Food Could Have Industrial Plasticizers

According to a recent study published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal, it has been found out that the fast food lovers are consuming high levels of industrial plasticizers in the cuisine they are totally fond of. The study depicts that after eating the food, they actually had phthalates in their urine for 24 hours.

The tests of processed meats and dairy commodities have got the evidence of phthalates incorporated into them. Though, it’s quite natural as the products involve plastic packaging. This wasn’t enough that the fast food now has also been added to the category. As from the study, it has been scrutinized that there’s triple threat, which turns the stuff contaminated- the machinery, which does the processing part, the packaging, and the gloves worn by the workers.

The biggest fear of consuming these chemical driven fast food is chances of getting carcinogen (group B2), which the EPA proposed. When talked to the researchers about the elevated phthalate levels, they couldn’t prove the fast food as the sole reason behind the same. However, “the association is strong” they added.