A breakfast cereal and health foods brand, Baggry’s India Ltd, has now entered the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) segment with the Bagrry’s Health Cafe, which has recently opened the doors at Vasant Square Mall. Here, the guests can enjoy the wide range of nutritious menu comprising high fibre grains like oats, multi-grains, whole wheat, muesli and bran to prepare a delectable array of cookies?, sandwiches, muffins, brownies and much more.

Mr. Aditya Bagri, Director of Baggry’s India stated,

“Indian consumers are getting more and more health conscious and increasingly looking for healthier options. However, healthy and tasty options are not so widely available in India right now. Baggry’s Health Cafe, therefore, seeks to fill this vacuum with its healthy, tasty and on-the-go offerings”.

This restaurant is eyeing to transform the fast food space with an all-day menu spanning across breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner options along with beverages. The main offerings that include Muesli pots with individualised and personalised toppings. Sandwiches and bagels that are consists of multi-grain options, whole wheat and added bran or oats.