After full enjoying the delicious food of Parliament at nominal prices, finally the time has come, when these MPs will have to spend more money for food and beverage. As earlier, the food prices have increased for the MPs, but now they have to give more amount for tea and coffee in the Parliament house. Both, tea and coffee boards have raised the prices.

Previously, tea was just for INR 1, but now it’s INR 5. From new year, the prices on food items were hiked after the controversies over the items being served there at subsidiary rates. Prior, a veg thali was of INR 18, which is now of INR 30 and non-veg thali at INR 60 instead of INR 33 earlier. A three-course meal now costs INR 90 instead of INR 61.

From today, the rates of chicken and mutton curries have been hiked to INR 50 per plate, while the price of rice, dal and sabzi have been reduced at the canteens run by the Northern Catering unit here. The price of rice, dal and sabzi have been cut by INR 7, whereas the plate of raita has been reduced to INR 5.