NBFL– Nature Bio-Foods is a food company with 40 domestic product portfolio across 13 states in India and with the assist of their parent company LT Foods, it exports its products to 65 countries in the world. And, now in India, NBFL is planning to launch around 20 food products by the end of 2015.

Mr. Vijay Deshwal, Manager Agri Business, NBFL, said that,

“Internationally, we have about 200 products, that are being exported to different countries, but for the India market, we are looking at launching sunflower oil, sprouted wheat flour, multi-grain flour and other variants of our organic products by the end of this year”.

Mr. Deshwai is very confident about their selection and approvals of products, which are currently in the development stage.

According to the Mr. Mrinal Hans, Senior Executive, Sales and Marketing, NFBL, stated that,

“The market presence of organic food is limited, however, with increasing international focus and awareness about healthy food products, the India market is opening up”.

The company is focusing on the metro cities as well as targeting to increase their presence across Tier I and Tier II cities. Mr. Hans also added that, “We initially started our sales through exclusive stores which cover only the organic and health food segments. But, we are also hitting the various chain stores as only through them will we be able to create mass awareness about our products and brand.”