McDonald’s– the place of happiness, which is always loaded with people on every table. Some are busy with their chats, some sitting alone enjoying their meal and a few are chilling with their friends. But this pleasant atmosphere suddenly turns out into the awful moment in Hong Kong McDonald’s, where a lady sitting alone found dead. It’s somewhat a shocking news for everyone.

A lady around 50-60 years of age was sat lone in the restaurant and, usually, you all just ignore those sitting alone. This same thing happens to this woman as she was seated slumped on a table. The customers thought she’s probably sleeping or exhausted and thus let her be. But, after many hours, someone noticed that the lady has not showed any movement at all and reported the matter to the staff members of the McDonald’s.

Immediately, the staff members checked the lady and they found that she was actually dead. According to the information, the lady entered the restaurants 24 hours before being found dead and she was alive for some hours. Still no one knows what are the reasons of her sudden death and she sat dead for 7 hours before the customers had noticed she had not moved at all.

It’s a very serious matter for the city as the homeless people are increasing day by day. They often seek shelter in such 24-hour restaurants in the night or when the weather is bad. They stay there for long hours with being disturbed to anybody and no one helped them. This same thing with the dead lady, who was a regular at the McDonald’s.