Nowadays, food has become a luxury rather than a necessity for most of us. People are always ready to pay huge amount of money for their favourite food. Whether it is India or any other country, endless number of restaurants and food facilities can be found at every nook and corner. Our love for food has changed our eating habits thus giving a boost to the restaurant businesses all over the world.

Back in 2011, when a restaurant in Bengaluru introduced a gold plated Dosa, it became a big hit among customers despite being charged at INR 1,011. People welcomed this unique idea of golden Dosas rather than being worried for the high price. A similar case of gold plated food has been observed recently at a restaurant in New York.

The restaurant, named “Serendipity 3” has bagged a new Guinness World Record for making for making world’s most expensive sandwich priced at USD 214. The fact that customers can get it after 48 hours of placing the order makes it all the more special.

Chef Joe Calderoni, who has introduced this unique creation to the world stated,

“This is the most expensive sandwich in the world. We came up with the idea to create the world’s most expensive sandwich on national sandwich day.”

This sandwich makes use of ingredients like bread, grass-fed butter, Dom Perignon Champagne, white truffle, and some caciocavallo cheese which is very rare.

According to Joe, grilled cheese is considered to be the ultimate comfort food. So, he thought of making an attempt to enhance the taste using his unique idea of gold plating the sarnie. Reportedly, popular celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, and Jay Z have paid a visit to this famous restaurant.

When the customers will place their order for this expensive sandwich, they will get a tomato and lobster bisque served in a crystal glass along with the sandwich dipped in 23 carat gold.