Serafina is an Italian restaurant, which is planning to invest around INR 50 crore to open its 5 more outlets  in India in the next five years. The total number of outlets in India will become 8 in the upcoming years. It entered in India by initializing its first restaurant in Mumbai in 2012.

Mr. Fabio Granto, the co-founder of Serafina said that, “India contributes around 8-10 per cent of our total business currently and there is major growth potential in this country. As founders, we will invest around $2 million (about INR 12.36 crore) in the future outlets and the rest of the investments will be made by our Indian partner, Global Kitchens”.

It is a New York based chain which has joint partnership with Global Kitchens in India, that also have restaurant chains in India such as Haagen and Copper Chimney, The Irish House and Cafe by the Beach. In India, the chains of this restaurant are situated in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru. Serafina also became partners with  Hyderabad based businessman Mr. SP Reedy, who started its restaurant in Bengaluru.

The new oulets will be opening in Goa and Delhi, and its one outlet which was situated in central Mumbai’s Palladium Mall had closed in November 2014 due to poor business and now, shifted in Kala Ghoda.

Mr. Granato explained that, “In New York, We don’t believe in mall and it’s more of standalone outlets. While Palladium is one of the best malls in Mumbai, our location in the mall (third floor) did not attract much footfalls”.