The dark days of thieves are now gone, as today, these former prisons turned into magnificent and luxurious hotels. Today, in these hotels, you’ll indulge in good services, decadent dishes, and the cozy accommodations. Nowadays, globetrotters visit in these hotels across the world.

Here, you will be warm welcomed by the concierge and also many lavish services provided by the hotel. Some may display their past while other shows of their rich history, but all in an interesting manner, which you really like. So, we are introducing such type of hotels that are prisons in the past.

5 prisons, which turned into hotels:

The Thief, Oslo, Norway


The splendid European interior, modern art museums, shopping venues, bars, restaurants and all is that located in the center. In ancient time, it was known as “Thief Island”, where the corrupt and thieves were brought to justice.

Four Seasons Istanbul, Bosphorus


The most historical place of the city’s, which has now become the attraction of the people. As, it was a former jail, used for retard political prisoners, including renowned Turkish poet and communist revolutionary Mr. Nazim Hikmet.

Malmaison Oxford, UK


A boutique hotel with spectacular interior like exposed brick, heavy metal doors and dim, moody lighting, these all things will feel as you are in jail, while the modern amenities, such as CD players, Wi-Fi and digital TV, which do not remind visitors that they’re not present in a strange place.

Liberty Hotel, U.S.A


In the U.S.A news, announced as a ”2011 Best hotels in the U.S.A”, but in ancient time, it was called as the Boston as The Charles Street Jail. The interior of this hotel is mesmerizing and also the design of the rooms of the hotel is built that lots of natural sunlight and bright throughout the guest rooms and common areas are there.

Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam


A luxurious hotel, which offers lip-smacking food and lavish services to their guests.