One more landmark in the Mumbai

Namaste to all of you!! Mumbai, India is about to disclose a gorgeous and stunning new skyscraper- Namaste Tower to the world. This new creation will be the biggest tower with a different look in the Mumbai and it is also known as W MUMBAI, because it’s the property of the W Hotels & Resorts, which is owned by the Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

It is a landmark structure, that represents the economic and culture significance of India. The height of this tower will be 984-sq-ft long, which is now under construction within 64-floors inside it that includes office, hotel and retail space. The architectural design of this tall building is in the style of “Namaste”, which signifies the traditional symbol of the Indians. Namaste means “I bow to you”, which is used to greet someone by clasped both hands together.


Spectacular view of Namaste Tower

It believes that by doing namaste with hands, it nullifies one’s ego in the presence of another. With this great importance of this symbol, the Namaste Tower will be designed in the way that, the two wings are clasped together to greet the Mumbai city.

Now, talking about the theme of the welcoming hands, the skin of the wings will be embedded in the entangle Mehandi patterns, which is the traditional mark of Indian weddings.


Building skin based on the mehandi pattern

The lower floor of the tower, having an ornamental clothes, known as canopies, which are spread out on the floor will contain solar thermal collectors that will provide 12% of energy, which is needed in hot water for the hotel guests.

There are many open corridors and atrium in the tower and the designers will also include open space for the internal gardens to improve indoor air quality and increase fresh air circulation. At present, it is an under construction, but by 2016, it will be completed and will be the tallest tower of Mumbai. The spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, the Mumbai Peninsula and many other towers can be seen from the Namaste Tower.