10 best budget hotels in India

Can you express the feeling when a weekend or a long holiday comes? I can’t. All the private sector employees when get a chance to go out for a week or two from their tight schedule, they feel like there could not be a better feeling other than this. They start planning about the destinations, hotels, transport, and a lot more for the next trip. After preparing the blueprint of the whole journey, they start estimating the cost of the trip and search for the hotels that fall into a shoestring budget.

To abolish the dilemma of what to select and what not to, we have explored here some Indian Hotel chains that have top-notch accommodation facilities within your budget. Now, you can take a sigh of relief as travelling in India won’t be a headache anymore regarding the budget. As these hotels are professional and have a sustainable business model, they provide luxury and comfort in a pocket-friendly manner. Check out the list of 10 best budget hotels in India, which you can have a look for the next holiday trip.

10 Best Budget Hotels in India

1. Ginger Hotel

Ginger Hotel

Proud owner of the award-winning chain of budget hotels in India, the Ginger Hotel Group carries the tag one of the branded budget hotels in the country. The said hotel has gained wide popularity by the business travellers across the globe and rapidly took its empire to a different high from 2013. To savor unique amalgamation of comfort, efficiency, convenience, and affordability, you can have a look at the full list of Ginger Hotels in India and make your bookings accordingly.

2. Hotel Lemon Tree

Hotel Lemon Tree

Established in 2002, currently, the Lemon Tree Hotels are dominating their pace in 20 cities of India with more than 1900 rooms. Named after the fruit, this luxury hotel brand has a refreshing, cool and joyful environment, which is making it as a fastest growing chain of upscale business. Besides, the aroma of lemon, natural smiles, and cheery greetings at the entrance would be perfect for a fresh holiday start. What else do you need? Explore more via the online portal and get the full details about packages there.

3. Holiday Inn Hotels

Holiday Inn Hotels

Want to make your holidays and business travel a complete reward? Do not skip the best-in-class Holiday Inn hotels for your weekend parties or official meetings. Their full-fledged luxurious accommodations impart a comfortable stay, which comes under your budget as well. The hotel staff always do their best efforts to make the families feel like home and have a perfect get-together with utmost prerequisites.

4. Sarovar Hotels and Resorts

Sarovar Hotels and Resorts

Entitled as the third largest privately owned hotel chain in India, the Sarovar group of Hotels and Resorts have got more than 65 inns across the country and overseas. Keeping in mind the perceptions of travellers, the authorities have designed lavish erections with cutting-edge technology, fresh outlooks, modern interiors, and a lot more within an affordable price tag. With the sole agenda of making their guests thoroughly satisfied, each property bestows an unconventional sense of personal experience.

5. Hotel Premier Inn

Hotel Premier Inn

Particularly, a British budget hotel chain and the largest hotel brand in the UK, the Premier Inn now incorporates a wide number of budget hotels in the country as well with excellent facilities at each and every property. The classic and by far a huge hotel brand with over 50,000 rooms and 700 hotels on an all, it operates its services in diversified locations that encompass city centres, suburbs, and airports.

6. Fortune Park, ITC Group

Fortune Park ITC Group

ITC, a conglomerate brand since 1910 have vast operations in different fields. Out from the enormous service areas, they own a large group of hotels as well. Fortune Park, a member of one of the trusted brands in India ITC, is a complete holiday destination, which provides advance booking offers for all the seasons. To make your vacations memorable, you can check out the hotels in any part of the country as there are 50 inns scattered in different parts of the nation.

7. Mango Hotels

Mango Hotels

Though it has operations in only 10 cities in India, the hospitality imparted by this enterprise is totally innovative with a set of several new technology factors. An entirely unambiguous environment providing value based accommodations to the globetrotters make them feel to come over again and again after the first stay.

8. IBIS Hotels

IBIS Hotels

International brand+comfortable stay+economic, do you want anything else to make your holiday a perfect one. To relish the most luxurious stay that is compatible with your pocket too, check out IBIS Hotels that have more than 2000 properties internationally and provides excellent hospitality. An all-inclusive package with the cosiest comfort i.e. the smart choice at the right place.

9. Keys Hotels

Keys Hotels

Some places are so elegant that they recover your soul in a fraction of seconds. The establishment of Keys Hotels in different regions of India serve the best to the business and leisure travellers. This leading chain of budget hotels has got par superior business and banquet facilities to match up your superior taste.

10. Peppermint Hotels

Peppermint Hotels

This Indian budget boutique hotel chain in India is a flagship inn located in Gurugram, Haryana. The chain is having properties in seven Indian cities and serves best of services in a total cost-effective manner.