Grotta Palazzese Hotel

Envisage yourself sitting inside the giant caves, amidst boundless Adriatic sea and having a delightful meal. Some may wonder how this sort of thing can actually exist and after traversing their mind up to a certain extent, they rest their imaginations. This beyond than imaginary fantasy would become true if you are rich enough to live your dreams. The epic Grotta Palazzese hotel restaurant sits in the lap of the most beautiful city of Europe- Italy. One can truly mesmerise the beauty of this limestone cave in the middle of the vertical seaside cliff by glancing the pictures itself. Imagine what would you feel when you find yourself there. Speechless!! Isn’t it??

The massive stone architecture may horrify you for the first time as it is a beast like scenery of rocks and caves overlooking the sea. In pre-Roman times, Polignano was a Mare used to be a Greek colony. Now, the whole surroundings have been transformed into authentic houses alongside a monastery of a huge size. It’s been said that the cave restaurant was the finest dine out used by the nobles during the early 1700s. To let you experience the feel of the extremely phenomenal hotel restaurant, we are here to give you a virtual tour Grotta Palazzese to embellish your vision more precisely.

Check out the fascinating Grotta Palazzese Restaurant Here:

Perfect dine-out for the marine lovers

A perfect dine-out for the true marine lovers. It won’t be wrong if we say that for all those who love the visuals of nature’s most peaceful ornament-oceans, this is something that will blow you off in a fraction of seconds rather microseconds.

Golden aura for a perfect romantic date

Shimmery chandeliers fixed into the caves, the inky aquamarine clouds, modish wooden floorings, creatively styled furnishings set the perfect aura for a young amorous date.

Top class amenities

With top-class amenities, the Hotel Grotta Palazzese offers you a relaxing stay.

Explore several beaches and lidos

Explore several beaches and lidos by walking through some bays in the country. You can avail the facilities within a couple of minutes.

The summer restaurant in the cave

The summer restaurant in cave opens from Easter to October in a year and flaunts an erotic side via the clear nature with blue reflections, the dusky amalgamation of the sun and the moon creates a unique atmosphere.

The sea lounge

The sea lounge is an elegant and refined restaurant located high above the sea, gaining giant windows that overlook the cliff. The eatery is truly an epitome of the royal Italian culture and ideal for high profile delegates, business meetings and to relish a romantic evening. The droplet rays of the golden sky and winter sunsets enhance the beauty of the place to its peak.