vivanta by taj

Sometimes, it feels like there is nothing more captivating than the pleasant beauty of this natural world and when it comes to defining nature, how one can skip the paradise on earth- Kerala. From endless water beaches to amazing landscapes, the place has it all. Exploring this Southern beauty is worth more than exploring any other part in India. Out of the huge list of most alluring holiday destinations in Kerala, we are making a tour to one of the best-kept secrets of Bekal, Vivanta by Taj .

“A place beyond imagination”- referring Vivanta by a phrase like this won’t be wrong at all. This five-star luxury Hotel wraps up the most amazing pleasures and experiences, which truly epitomizes a paradise. Located near Kappil Beach, the region covers 26 acres of the space with mesmerizing endless sea up front. So, let’s get started.

Check Out the Motifs of Vivanta Here:

1. Explore the Heritage of Bekal Fort

bekal fort kerala

One must have a look at the historical structure- the Bekal Fort while traversing Bekal. Kerala’s largest fort with royal architecture and terrain will take your breath away when you have a look at its surroundings. A blissful ride to the majestic citadel will flaunt its diversified side in a more comprehensive way. The giant observatory and the points from where the soldiers of Tipu Sultan defended Bekal will make you realize the rich culture of this regal fort. Besides, the hotel offers mountain bikes to the riders who love cycling and you can enjoy the pleasant refreshments during your leisure hours as well.

2. Romantic Dinner in a Golden Dusk by the River Side

riverside dinner

Imagine you with your special someone surrounded by the silent river in a golden sunset time. Truly romantic, isn’t it? Within a couple of hours, the whole ambience will turn dark with illuminating lanterns occupying space here and there in your boat. The relaxing candle-lit dinner at the gazebo by the pool will make you feel like love is in the air. Besides, the innovative twists and distinct cuisines would delight you by the perfectionist chef Valentine.

3. Revive the Classic Kerala

revive the culture of kerala

The classic culture of Kerala indulges authentic aroma massage at the spa, which releases your stress in a quick instance. Moreover, the traditional lunch style in which the food is served on banana leaves makes it more customary. Coconut, the chief food product of Kerala is one of the main ingredients included in almost every edible along with tamarind and a few of well-ground spices. Its mouth-watering flavours can drool your taste-buds in seconds.

4. Kettuvallam Cruise


The elegant Kettuvallam- a traditional houseboat at Vivanta surmounted by a thatched shed over a wooden frame gives you a cosy cruise ride of scenic waters all around. The heavenly beauty in each and every direction, the chirping noise of birds, the whispering of cool breeze and the melody of waves is something extremely mesmerizing. The whole aura will put you into a light trance.