Mega Kitchen

Get ready for a new India based “mega” series- Mega Kitchen, which airs on National Geographic Channel (NGC) from today. And, the host of this new mega show is the eminent chef and foodie, Vikas Khanna. A show coming up with a new feature, takes viewers into mammoth kitchens of the country, where huge amount of food is cooked for numerous people.

The show having five of the country’s biggest kitchen, include Shirdi in Maharashtra, Dharmasthala in Karnataka, the IRCTC main kitchen in Noida, TajSats in Delhi, and Akshaya Patra in Hubli. Chef Vikas Khanna stated that,

“It was a whole new experience to see the scale, processes, and technology used and the large quantities of food that is prepared every day. It is difficult to get into these kitchens and know what goes on inside”.

This show mainly focuses on the scale, volume, technology and cooking processes used in these kitchens and it will show the viewers that, what is the main purpose behind to feed the thousands of people on a daily basis. However, the snacks and junk food becoming popular in the country, but still India fine dining continues to have its own loyal following.

These kitchens always assist numerous people in the country like the Akshaya Patra Foundation offers food to over 1.4 million government school children from 10,661 schools in 24 locations across 10 states. And, on the other side, the TajSats provides food to 39 international and 9 domestic airlines. The Delhi branch of its cooks over 22,000 meals daily.

Talking about the kitchen situated at Shirdi, having 73 solar dishes, which preparing about 40,000 meals daily. Whereas, the Dharmasthalahis kitchen provides, such as pressurized steam and bio-gas to reduce fuel consumption of wood, petrol or LPG.