The world famous fast-food restaurant chain, McDonald’s puts Golden Temple image on its promotional pamphlets having a photo of the temple in the Italy. And, placed on service trays used for serving food and beverages. So for that, McDonald’s apologizes from the Sikh Society and also declared to remove the pamphlets from all the outlets in the Italy.

The chief of the Sikh Society informed that McDonald’s not only apologizes, but also announced to withdraw all the pamphlets from the country. Sikhs in all over the world are very angry and raising their voice against this incident. No Sikh around the world could ever tolerate disrespect of their religious place.

The head of McDonald’s, Italy sent an apology letter to the Sikh Society, Italy, wherein he also assured to remove all the pamphlets on same June 6. This should not be happened as no one can’t bear violation for their religious place and this is obvious that, it has hurted all the religious communities sentiments.