The Freekasol– an Israeli Cafe is placed in the small village of Kasol, Himachal Pradesh refuses to serve food to the Indians. The cafe offers only to the “white” customers according to its policy. Kasol has been become the most beautiful destination of the Himachal Pradesh surrounded by the stunning vistas. This place is a chill-out zone for many foreigners, who come to visit the country. But, one thing you have noticed that most of the population are from Israeli.

A few days ago, an incident occurred, when an Indian woman named, Ritika along with her British partner, Stefan went to the cafe. The cafe members denied to the woman by saying that “it was only for the members”, but when her white partner went over to the cafe, he gave the menu card to him. The restaurants, hotels and cafes do have the “right to reserve admission”, but that should not be on the basis of nationality, religion, race or caste.

An Israeli, who was familiar with the policy said,

“I’ve seen it before. He once told three young Indians, who had just sat down to leave. They’d sat down and he came over and told them to leave unpleasantly”.

Many Indians had been refused several times from the entrance and the reason for it, according to the Israeli’s, the Indian customers often made big orders and later unable to pay for the food.

It’s unclear about the owner, whether he was Israeli or Indian, but it doesn’t matter because the policy of the cafe is totally disgusting and according to me, the Indian government should take strict action against the cafe like to prohibit the Israeli cafes and restaurants from the country or they can give order to this cafe to allow the Indians also.