Nap Bar In Dubai

A cosy nap is the most wonderful feeling in this whole world. One can experience the heavenly fantasies during his/her sleeping hours. Imagine yourself on top of the clouds and dreaming something magical. Isn’t it sounds cool? Well, you can get almost same feeling at an extremely cosy nap bar opened up in Dubai recently. The soft-cushioned cloud-shaped beds in a cosy room will make you fall for it.

On entering the room, you will find the aura beyond magical. There will be a cosy nap pillow, a comfortable poncho for cuddling up, a cup of herbal tea, and above all these, a gentle massage on your body by some essential oils.

The outside disturbances won’t affect your relaxing hours at all plus you can also cherish some original lullabies, which the bar plays for you.

In short, it is perfect to take a break from the social world for a while and recharge yourself.