It’s the time of celebration?for all the foodies as the 46th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) is going on in Goa and this year, all the guests can also savour gourmet food catered by the best Indian culinary brands. This new initiative named as IFFI Palate International Food Village is commenced from today and will continue to 23rd November 2015.

The main motto of this food festival is to provide a unique and lasting experience to the visitors by offering delectable delicacies. The gourmet food village is set up in the beautiful forest park, right opposite to the Maquinez Palace and INOX.

The cost of cuisines in this festival has been kept low to make an inclusive festival and also enduring engagement for people during the festival. Commenting on the occasion, Ms. Aditi Kapoor, Director of the Palate Fest Pvt. Ltd. And organizer of the IFFI Palate International Food Village said, “India is now ready for such types of festivals”.

Apart from delicious foods, many exciting events have been planned at the food festival, such as public art by Goan artists and music. Now, it’s an enticing opportunity for the Goan food lovers and IFFI delegates to taste gormet food rendered by the best Indian culinary brands.

Some of the country’s famous restaurants and eateries are participating, including the Olive Bar to Fat Lulus, Delhi Chutney Co, Chaayos, Big Fat Sandwich, Thalassa and more have set up their pop-up restaurants.

Other brands, who entered into partnership with this unique initiative are Cup Noodles, Lite Bites, Giani, Cazulo Feni and Edward’s Yard.