Multani Sohan Halwa

The spectacular monsoon season has started showering the rains, love, and happiness all around. With the inception of this rainy season, people are sharpening up their cooking skills as the saawan is incomplete without the yummilicious delightful food. Apart from the beloved Aalo fritters, the season is popular for the pleasant desserts as well. The die hard Mithayi lovers urge for some unique sweet course, which they can relish with the droplets of water.

For all those who have a sweet tooth, here we are with the recipe of a special and unusual dessert named as Multani Sohan Halwa for you that is worth a try for at least once and we bet you cannot stop yourself from making it further. Besides, the dish could be a great choice for the occasions and small gatherings as well. So, stop wondering the names of desserts in your mind and check this out.

Delightful Multani Halwa Recipe to Try This Monsoon

Multani Sohan Halwa

Preparation Time: 30 mins + 24 hours

Cooking Time: 40 to 50 mins

Serves for: 4-5 persons


1. Milk- 1 litre

2. White flour/maida 6 tbsp

3. Samak/wheat grains 2 tbsp

4. Sugar- 1 cup

5. Green cardamom- 10 to 12

6. Clarified butter- 2 tbsp

7. Almonds

8. Pistachio

Directions to prepare:

1. For a whole day, soak samak or whole wheat grains. Dry them and grind to form a powder.

2. Mix the white flour and ground samak altogether in the dry form.

3. In a pan, start boiling the milk and add the flour into it. Keep stirring the mixture. Make sure it doesn’t get cooked too much otherwise it could get a lot of lumps.

4. Add ½ tsp lemon salt and froze the milk. Water and milk will get separated after that.

5. Make sure you don’t mix it much so that the particles remain solid.

6. On a medium flame, cook the mixture and add 1 cup of sugar when its color changes. Place green cardamom as well.

7. Put two tbsp butter in the mixture and cook well. When the oil starts to come out on the surface, turn off the flame.

8. Your Sohan halwa will get a hard texture with a brown color

9. Remove the mixture from the container and set if for almost an inch sheet Put it aside for cooling.

10. Garnish almonds and pistachios on the top and cut it into small pieces.