Indian Automobile segment is the one of the fastest growing market across the world and luxury segment is no untouched of it. The renowned luxury automakers across the globe are showing their keen interest to expand their portfolio in the country. Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW are the highest ranking brands in the country with their range of products. In this calendar year 2016, all three brands came up with various fresh launches and have plans for the upcoming years as well.

Audi India has introduced the ninth generation model of its much-anticipated sedan A4. The rivals of the 2016 A4 are Mercedes-Benz C200 and BMW 320i which also have a strong impact on the Indian automobile market.   

Here in this article, we bring you the comparison on every aspect among these three much anticipated petrol-powered cars from the leading automakers of the country, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW. Read the full comparison article of Audi A4 v/s Mercedes-Benz C-Class v/s BMW 3-Series, and find out who stands apart

On The Looks –

What grabs your attention at first sight! obviously, the looks. However, the appearance of the car is not our concern here, instead, we will describe the exterior details of all three models.


First comes to the measurement, Mercedes-Benz C-class C200 is the longest (4,686 mm) and highest (1,442 mm), and features the longest wheelbase (2,840 mm) among the all three and hence offers the spacious cabin for the front as well as rear occupants. The Audi A4 gets the widest front fascia of 1,845 mm. The boot space of 480-litres is same in all the cars. Overall, the differences in measurements of all three German entries are not much wide, each stands right behind one another.   

In terms of comfort, all three luxury sedans sit closely, though, being a more spacious car, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers the most comfortable ride for the rear passengers. BMW 3-series is a more driver-focused car so designed accordingly, while Audi A4 suits both the driver and the passengers.

Under the Hood –

With sub 2.0-litre engine, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3-Series give the similar power output of 184bhp. In terms of torque, C-Class churns out the 300 Nm against the 270 Nm of the 3-Series. With the maximum power and torque output of 150 bhp and 250 Nm, the ninth generation Audi A4 30 TFSI sits at the end in the power-spec category.


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 While BMW 3-Series is paired with the 8-speed auto gear shift, the Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 is mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission. And hence, this makes BMW 3-Series the quickest among the all three, it attains 100 kmph from a standstill in just 7.2 seconds.

With the smallest engine displacement, Audi A4 offers the class-leading fuel mileage of 17.84 kmpl, however, the BMW 3-Series is right behind it with the fuel economy of 17.61 kmpl. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers the least fuel average of 14.7 kmpl.

Key Features –

All three automobiles belong to the luxury segment, hence no question of lack in the features list. All cars are well balanced with the number of premium equipment. All the cars come with various standard features like electrically operable panoramic sunroof, smart infotainment display, park assist, drive assist, driving modes, climate control system and electrically adjustable seats.


Besides these, each car offers a few unique feature to further enhance the cabin experience such as – Audi A4 offers Audi’s Virtual Cockpit and a wireless charging box for the smartphone. Mercedes-Benz C-Class comes with the brand’s Intelligent drive mechanism, whereas BMW 3-Series gets a Head-Up display.

On the safety front, Audi A4 is the richest car among the three of them with the 8-airbags against the Mercedes-Benz’s seven and BMW 3-Series’ six.

Conclusion –

All three luxury sedans provide generous space for the occupants, well-equipped with tech and safety features, and offer hassle free drive under city or highway conditions. Although one must beat others on a particular aspect, but overall one among them can not be called a true winner. All the cars fit in their respective era, it’s up to your expectations from the INR 40 Lakh luxury sedan. While BMW is a track-focused car, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4 are more like family cars. On the one side, Mercedes-Benz is the most spacious sedan while Audi A4 is the maximum safety equipment among the all three. If you are looking for the mileage better to go for Audi A4 and if you are looking for a quick of the mark car, go and get the BMW 3-Series.

We just mentioned the differences among all three luxury sedans, choose your priority and go for the one which suits you the most!