Last updated on – Apr 30, 2016

In this article, here we discuss about the used mileage bikes that will help you to make any decision for used bikes. If you are looking for a used bike, the first thing you need to set in your mind that what type of bike you want to buy such as a commuter bike or high performance bike or Sport bike. It is such a hard task to find the best one. If you are looking for a mileage bike, then you have to go with 100 to 150cc displacement bike. In many ways, the process of buying a used bike is similar to buying a high model car. In the Indian two-wheeler market, there are numerous bikes and scooters are available between the 100cc to 150cc.

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One of the first thinks the buyer need to consider about that whether you will be buy from a dealer or other vendor. If you are buying a bike from a dealer that it is advisable to you that you firstly get the information of the dealer. A test ride can give you a valuable information about a used bike, and check the condition of the engine or frame. There are some bikes between 100 to 150cc engine in the market such as Bajaj Discover, Hero Splendor, Hero Passion, Hero Deluxe, Honda Shine, etc., that you can go with these.

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Here are top brands that offer trustworthy engine in their commuter motorcycle. Honda, Bajaj and Hero are considered as a top most brands that have flagship motorcycle in their commuter line-up. The motorcycles of these brands are offered long time performance and mileage as well. You can purchase used motorcycle from these brand. But, before purchasing any used vehicle, you must need to ensured first some things about the motorcycle as how many kilometers runs from the purchasing date, check out the maintenance issue and engine issue.

Let’s Talk about the Best Mileage Used Bikes:

Hero MotoCorp

Hero HF Deluxe EcoHero MotoCorp is also a good and trustworthy brand. Purchasing a used motorcycle of this brand is the primary concern of the buyer. The service, performance, mileage, maintenance and other features of Hero’s motorcycle are very excellent. With the lower cost and higher mileage, the 110cc bikes are becoming increasingly popular in India. The company has a wide range of 100cc to 125cc highly preferred motorcycle that can you buy with any worries.

Moreover, all the models give a better performance along with a great mileage. Furthermore, the maintenance factor and services of the Hero’s commuter bike are almost good.

Honda Motorcycles

Honda CD 110 DreamMotorcycle belonging to 100cc to 125cc segment has a good fuel economy, better style and decent performance. There are still plenty of models of 110cc can choose from with its advantages. The performance of the bikes makes the brand more popular in its category. The name of the Honda’s most successful bikes is Honda Shine, Honda Yuva, Honda twister and Honda Unicorn. Thus, the ride and handling quality of Honda’s bike is too pretty much loveable. The resale value of the Honda’s commuter models is excellent. Honda’s used bike is also delivered better performance and better mileage. The maintenance of the bike significantly low. The claimed mileage of the bike is 70kmpl that will retains the good performance and mileage for a long while.

Bajaj Discover

discover 125All the models of Bajaj are evergreen that is built on a good frame along with a standard mechanism which make it more stable for the long time. It is also the largest selling bike in the used bike category, that’s why it is the primary choice in the used bike. The maintenance of the Bajaj’s models is very good. But the resale value of this bike is not good in the market.

Talking about the Bajaj Discover, the Bajaj Discover is a highly preferred series that is known by its look and mileage. There are only a few variants of discover that have a good resale value such as New Discover 125. The performance of the Discover’s variant is good that will never get you in any trouble related to the performance and mileage. Thus, the claimed mileage of New Discover 125 is 87 kmpl that will retain as it is for the longest time. If you are making the mind of buying a used bike, the Discover’s variant is the best pick for you. But firstly, check the model year, condition of the bike and its internal parts such as chassis, frame and engine.

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