Last updated on – Apr 30, 2016

Now a days you need not to rely on a newspaper, or a dealer or any other street garage sale to sell your old bike or motorcycle. If you are also thinking to sell your old vehicle, you just need to follow some easy steps which will help you further. We are sharing this information by keeping the most important things in our mind.

sell old bike

Get the Bike’s Valuation From 2-3 Dealers

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If you are planning to sell your motorcycle, then this would be the first step to keep in mind. Take your bike to 2-3 different dealers and get the bike’s valuation from the dealers. They will check the engine, hardware parts, rusted parts, wear & tear, engine noise, marks of accident, chassis balance of tyres and rigidness of bike, etc. After auditing all these things the dealer will let you know the approx price of your vehicle.

Decide Your Average Value for the Bike

average value bikeOnce the valuation has completed, now its your decision to decide the price range of your bike. This would be the most important part of selling your bike. You must keep your price slightly above the evaluated price so that their will be a room for negotiation. Negotiation leads to finalize the deal.

Service Your Bike

bike servicing

Before you sell out your bike, make sure that you would go for its service first. That will create a great impression to the customer and along with that the wears & tears of your bike are also get serviced and it will look good.

Allow Them to Test Ride

test ride

Once you showcased the bike to the customer, do not fool them by not allowing them for a test ride. If asked by the customer, allow them for a test drive so that they will also feel comfortable dealing with you. And by allowing them for a test ride, will make your deal better and it will also increase the chances to make the deal out.

Keep the Price Flexible

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Once you visit the dealer for the valuation of your bike, its your turn now to decide the price range of your bike. Always try to keep the price range flexible, it will make you feel comfortable while dealing with the customer and even if the customer will negotiate the price range, it wont disturb you budget as well.

Payment and Paper Work

Payment and PaperWork

Here comes the most important part of your deal i.e. the Paper work. Once the deal is final, you need to be very specific regarding the paper work of your bike. Always make sure that the person whom you are dealing with is a reliable person and he or she should not have any illegal activity record in the past. Along with that be assure that once you sell the bike to another person the paper work has to be done as early as possible.


Every time when you indulge yourself in such deals, always make sure that you follow these points and also spread it across your pals. It is really mandatory to follow these steps so as to perform a fair deal. Always try to keep your side flexible without attracting loss in the deal.