Last updated on – Apr 30, 2016

Bikes are probably the greatest human mintage, which makes your work easier. If you are looking to buy your first motorbike, it is necessary to have the best information about the bike before purchasing it. It will help you to select the best one from your choice. Therefore, before you even consider buying any kind of motorcycle, access your riding skills and abilities. A newbie might not be aware if the risk factors over the roads, so it’s mandatory for him/her to know some of the crucial points for future precautions as there are some of the UN-diverted decisions, which are responsible for increasing the cases of accidents on the road.

before purchasing a motorcycle

Consider a few important facts before purchasing a motorbike, as follows:

Type of the Bike/Performance

The performance depends on your riding abilities and skills. You need to choose a light weight engine bike which will meet all of your needs as a biker, this is the primary thing for a biker. For newbies, it is advised that they should go with up to 150cc bikes. Moreover, considering above 300cc “crotch rocket” bikes would be a wrong choice.

Your Needs

The primary needs of bikers are a bike, with a lot of features and which completes all their needs. For guiding factor, the bikes come in different sizes and shapes like tall bikes, heavy bike and so on, with this, if you cannot put both your feet flat on the ground and not comfortable to handle the bike in traffic, don’t look at that bike for purchasing.

Your Body Type and Size

One of the most important factors to consider is the Size and Body Type. For short weighted people, it is preferred to choose those bikes which can be easily managed by you in traffic and congested area. A larger and weighted motorbike is more difficult to handle than smaller one. Before purchasing any bike, make sure about your body type and size.


The maintenance costs and repairs on the bike add up quickly to the list of the general expenses of motorbike. Before purchasing any motorcycle, make sure you know the track record of the motorcycle which you will be facing in the future like the above mentioned and other related issues.

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