Brother and Sister share quite an interesting relationship in which they fight alot and loves a lot. On this special day of Raksha Bandhan, people used to promise for lifelong protection, love, and care to their sisters. Time changed, but love doesn’t, as the girls of this generation don’t get happy with just love and promises, here we suggest some cool gadgets which not only will make your sister happy but will also be proved useful to her according to today’s lifestyle.

tech savy gifts for sister on raksha bandhan

Here, is a list of some ravishing gadgets which will put a smile on your sister’s face the whole day and maybe she won’t fight with you some days.

1.Digital Photo Frame – Sony DPF-A710

rakhi gift ideas

Girls are usually fond of collecting pictures today. This is the perfect techno gift for those girls. Today, digitization has taken a place of every traditional goods. Instead of giving a normal photo frame, you can present a Digital photo frame in which your sister don’t have to make efforts of getting a hard copy for sharing memories in the house.

The Sony DPF is a great option which comes with a 7-inch LCD panel with resolution 480X234 pixels. The 128 MB inbuilt memory of the device will help her store a lot of pictures in it. The DPF can be used in both landscape and portrait mode.

This smart gadget won’t affect your pocket much and is available for just Rs. 3790.

2. Sony Smartwatch

sony smartwatch

In this stage of modernization, the use of latest gadgets has become a trend. The people who are not too much in technology also gets possessed while watching a new featured gadget in the market. This Sony Smartwatch is the device which is a perfect present for the girl of this era.

There is smart gadget available in the market which can convert a portable music player into a watch but can cost a bit higher.

Sony Smartwatch is the device which is affordable and has been proved as a modern gift for a modern girl. It works on Google’s Android platform and its responsive LED display makes its use easy to all type of people. With the help of this, your sister will be able to access all apps from play store. The center of attraction is the device can communicate with Sony Xperia smartphone too, which makes it a ravishing gadget to show her friends as well. By connecting the watch with the smartphone, your sister can be easily connected with her social networking too.

This awesome smartwatch won’t cost you much and is available at Rs. 6,299.

3. iPod Touch

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In the trending stage of technology, Apple is making efforts to provide quality products with the latest technology and is successful in making their customers satisfied. Apple iPod touch is the device which has a splendid design language filled up with interesting and quality features. So if your sister is very fond of new and latest gadgets then this is the device which will make her jump around with happiness.

iPod Touch is the best gift for a techno-loving girl. The 4-inch HD screen with a sleek body language makes the gadget more stylish and cool looking. Everyone knows about the quality of the operating system and features Apple provides, with an awesome camera and sound the device is fueled with many other exciting features. So, if your sister is a techno-loving person, this device will be the best present of her on this pleasant festival.

The iPod Touch is a very cool and uncommon device available at Rs. 16,999.

4. Sennheiser HD 219

headphone options for gifts

This is the perfect gift if you have an audioholic sister. Music has been proved as an important thing to have a bit positiveness for youngsters if used wisely. So, if you have a sister who loves music and fond of gadgets used for enjoying it, it will be a piece of cake for her and she will be able to taste her every day as well.

This headphone is an incredible piece of art that keeps the ambient noise at bay to listen to music without any external distractions. The Bass response is great and the speakers are so clear that your sister will catch the finest beats easily. Sennheiser HD 219 is the perfect headset for music lovers and is so comfortable to wear that your sister can jump around wearing this if she wants.
The headphones are available at price Rs. 3,000 which won’t set you back much.

5. Smartphone (between 10k-17k)

smartphone to gift your sister

A number of Smartphones have been launched with different specifications and exciting features. You can just select a smartphone as per your sister’s requirements and the allowance of your pocket as well. It is very difficult to select for all the smartphones available in the market as they are all packed up with new features and latest technology.

moto G4 plus


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Don’t be. Till now Moto G4 plus and Xiaomi Mi Max are the two smartphones holding the market with their awesome camera of 16-megapixels powered with a latest Snapdragon processor. The battery life of the phones (Xiaomi Mi Max– 4850mAh & Moto G4 Plus– 3000mAh) are good enough to keep you sister entertaining all day long. Both the smartphones are available at Rs. 14,999 at both online and offline market.

6. Lenovo Ideapad u110 Laptop

lenovo ideapad-u110

The laptop is the most initial requirement for the current generation to step further. If your sister doesn’t have one, you can present her the new Lenovo Ideapad u110. The model consists all the required features including latest windows 10 as an operating system and is very pocket-friendly too.

The Lenovo Ideapad u110 is the perfect system for youngsters. Including 4GB Ram powered with Intel quad-core processor, the laptop controls the power to maintain a smile on the face of your loving sister. Ideapad u110 comes with 1TB of storage capacity which is more than enough to store file and collect memories. The Lenovo Ideapad u110 is available at a price starting from Rs. 20,490 up to Rs. 24,990.

7. DSLR Camera (D3200)

cameras for gift

Having a DSLR camera is the dream of a majority of youngsters. Collecting photographs is the majorly used way of collecting memories of good times that passed. And if you have a sister who loves photography and has a passion for it then the Nikon D3200 will be proved as a cherry on the cake.

The lightweight camera has been proven to give the best shooting experience for youngsters. It’s easy operating techniques and it’s ravishing shooting modes make this camera a gift fully loaded with joy and excitement to your sister. The Nikon D3200 is available in both online and offline market priced starting from Rs. 23,250.

8. Music Players

bose music system

Music is the biggest stress relevant for all the youngsters. And your sister will appreciate it very much if she is also a music lover. She can listen to music on a mobile phone while she is out of the house but the biggest problem occurs when she have to be out and the battery is not that much to afford a music playback. If your sister is very fond of music then you can present her a cool music player.

There are a lot of music players to choose from. Like Philips GoGear Vibe 4GB which is available at both online and offline markets priced at Rs. 4,500. The music player supports both audio and video playbacks and is capable of storing 900 tracks.

Another option is Apple iPod nano which comes with a very stylish and elegant design language. The 8GB variant of the model is a fantastic option present your sister on this special occasion which comes with a fantastic battery life which can last up to 24 hours with just a single charge and is very handy in use.

9. Micromax Funbook

micromax funBook

If your sister is in High school or junior college and likes to use Tablet themed devices, then this is the best option for you to make her day special. This device is the best entry-level budget tablet. Powered by 1.2 GHz Cortex-A8 CPU with 512MB RAM, the tablet is capable of running anything you throw at it.

Micromax Funbook is an ideal tablet if your sister is junior or in high school as it can be used for both educational and entertainment purposes.

10. Kindle


Kindle is a fantastic gadget for the people who love to read. Kindle is a tablet-themed e-book reader in which you can search and read a number of e-books. So, if you sister loves to read then instead of traditional novels, provide her a new and stylish way to read books.

Kindle is an e-book reader in which you can search many books and can read them the way you want. Kindle is available at amazon at Rs. 5,999 which will keep your book-loving sister remember you whenever she uses that.