Best 10 Gadgets you should gift on this Diwali

It is really hard to select a gift for Diwali, especially when it is for a tech lover. So today we have come up with the list of 10 best tech gadgets to gift on this Diwali.

Celebrate this Diwali with the amazing tech-friendly gadget available at a discounted price on e-commerce sites. Diwali is the festival when you cherish your loved ones or young ones with a gift and if the dear one is your brother, son or friend, then this tech gadget will certainly make them on cloud nine.

Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, other aggregators are offering a range of products this Diwali at a discounted price and this is the right time to grab the deal. So, just tap your fingers and buy online the chosen gadgets today only. It will be quite a laborious to search out from the range of products. To ease your hurdles, here is the list of 10 gadgets which you will surely like to add to cart:

Ranking Gadgets
1 Google Home-voice Activated Speaker
2 Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer
3 iClever A, Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard
4 XYZPrinting 3D Printer(Da Vinci Mini)
5 Redmi Note 4 Smartphone
6 Cube Rif6 Cube 2-inch Mobile Handheld Projector
7 Apple Watch Series 2
8 Lenovo Core i5 7th Gen IP 320E Laptop
9 Skullcandy S2IKW-J509 Wireless Headphones With Mic
10 Sony PlayStation 4

1. Google Home-voice Activated Speaker

Google Home voice Activated Speaker

Google home speakers smart enough to pay heed to the commands and react to them accordingly. The speakers help you in the situation of your hands are busy in doing other stuff and you want to make a call. The speakers respond only to the voice of yours as they are sensitive enough to separate out your voice from others. You just need to say few words that are ‘OK GOOGLE’ and you will be done with it.

2. Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer:

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

The ZIP Mobile printer is a polaroid and portable photo printer which uses zero ink and this becomes the reason to stand out from the other portable photo printers. The Polaroid property of the photo printer produces a finished print continuously after each take and goes well along with the instant photo slides. The paper is specifically designed with zero ink (ZINK) technology which utilizes the color making a molecular structure. The molecules get activated when the heating on the ZINK paper takes place and consequently showering of the colors happens. The quality of the printer is noteworthy as it produces multi-colored and smudges proof pictures with water-resistant paper. The output of the printers is so fast as it produces the prints at-once without any assistance of wireless network.
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3. iClever A, Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

iClever A, Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard is very different from the traditional long slated keyboards and also distinct from the wireless keyboards. iClever A is quite a portable and foldable device which offers a highly compatible and short-sized keyboard. The wireless Bluetooth keyboard goes well with new designs and appearance. The tri-folding design and an ultra-slim structure of the keyboard are fabulous. This characteristic makes the most portable and easy to carry gadget which fits into a bag or briefcase.
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4. XYZPrinting 3D Printer(Da Vinci Mini)

XYZPrinting 3D Printer

Getting this printer in your hand and using it is like your dreams come true regarding the printer you want. It is quite reasonable than any other 3D printers and the wireless feature makes you jump at the chance as you can simply connect this printer to home, office and any other places you want it to use. It is quite practical and simple to use with the non-toxic chemicals used in the printer.
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5. Redmi Note 4 Smartphone (Gold, 64 GB, 4 GB RAM)

Redmi Note 4 Smartphone

Nowadays in festival season, the Redmi Note 4 is exclusively available on an e-commerce website and ruling under the smartphone category. It can be a great gift to astonish your dear ones and put a smile upon their face. Grab the chance this Diwali to shower smile upon your loved ones with Redmi Note 4.
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6. Cube Rif6 Cube 2-inch Mobile Handheld Projector

Cube Rif6 Cube 2-inch Mobile Handheld Projector

The projector is a good choice to gift someone this Diwali. The Cube Rif6 is absolutely small and portable to carry from place to place. The weight of the device is just 5 ounces and easy to carry by putting into the bag. Though the projector is small in size, its performance beats most of the handheld projectors and this is one of the reasons to pick the projector among others. The Cube Rif6 2-inch mobile projector is equipped with a Micro USB port, a headphone jack, a microSD slot, a charging button, a mini HDMI port and small looking wheels on the back side.
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7. Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch series 2

The quality assurance and performance of the watch is simply driven by the name of Apple only, we don’t need to doubt the Apple Watch Series 2 as it is the best amongst the competitors’ smartwatches. This small looking Apple Watch can be a lovely gift to your family or friend and deliver the happy moments to them.
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8. Lenovo Core i5 7th Gen IP 320E Laptop

8. Lenovo Core i5 7th Gen IP 320E Laptop

The IP 320E laptop by Lenovo is adorned with modern features and important specifications what we expect from a 7th Gen laptop. You can watch VR videos and movies with this laptop and amazing graphics will make you love the Lenovo core i5 7th Gen IP 320E laptop.
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9. Skullcandy S2IKW-J509 Wireless Headphones With Mic

Skullcandy S2IKW-J509 Wireless Headphones With Mic

The Skullcandy, name is enough to define the quality and performance of the headphones. It is a wireless headset which is able to produce superior quality of audio sounds and this is why we put this tech gadget in the list of 10 best gifts to your loved ones. To music lovers, none gift can be better than this wireless headset.

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10. Sony PlayStation 4(PS4)

Sony PlayStation 4

Gifting a Sony PlayStation 4 to obsessed game lovers or kids can make their day and festival amazing. It has appealing features and is easy-to-use with your big LED TV screen at home.
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