top-10-selling-cars-in-october-2016As, the festive season goes around, India with its great population pull up the socks to hit on the market. All of the people across the country gets out to buy the basic as well as luxurious needs as per their requirement in the festive season. Apart from all things, if we talk about the car market, then we have to count the number of zeroes to see how many cars being sold in this season. Holding a car is like a symbol of status in Indian Society, and most of the families are middle class across the country. So, their requirements to own any car is quite complicated like the car should be budget friendly, Eco-friendly, and must get fit in any area.

October, this year came with the biggest festival of the country Diwali, and along with Diwali comes a great hike in the shopping of Indian people. This is the reason that October sales of cars reached to its peak as compared to rest of the year. The carmakers also provide various offers and deals to attract customers.Talking about the sales of some best selling cars in India this October, compared to last year only Wagon R is the one, which has maintained its selling performance this year too rest of the Maruti Suzuki models like Alto, Dzire and Swift got a massive 18%, 27%, and 17% drop in their sales volume this year.

Let us have a look on the top 10 best selling cars in October 2016 across the country

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

maruti-suzuki-alto-k10Unsurprisingly Maruti Suzuki Alto is still holding the first place in the list with a sell of 18,854 units in October 2016. But as compared to last year sales in October, Alto got 18% drop in the selling volume. The company sold 22,861 units of the model in October 2015. Even in September 2016 Maruti Suzuki Sold 27,750 units of the model. Looks like October was not as lucky as the company wanted it to be. Still Alto is on the first position in the list.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire


On the second position, here is one more model of Maruti Suzuki, the Swift Dzire. The company in this festive season sold 17,682 units of the model across the country. As per the reports are considered, Swift Dzire got 27% drop in the selling volume as compared to the previous year sales. Maruti Suzuki sold 21,084 units of the model in October last year, and in September 2016, 18,961 units of the model were sold out. Apart from all these dropouts Swift Dzire is still on the second position in the list.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

maruti-suzuki-wagon-rThe company should be very happy with the great performance of Wagon R in this festive season. Last year in October the company sold 14,734 units of this model, which has now increased and reached to 15,075 units in October 2016 sales. September 2016 was also a very lucky month for the model, as Maruti Suzuki sold 16,645 units of Wagon R in that month. So, along with a fine performance Wagon R grabs third position in the list.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

maruti-suzuki-swiftMaruti Suzuki Swift has been the most loving model of Indian people for a long time. After getting launched Swift instantly made its market across the country. The company sold 14,611 units of the model in October 2016, which is a bit lesser than October 2015, in which Maruti Suzuki sold 17,669 units. The car also made a fair sell of 16,746 in September 2016 across the country. Maybe the performance of the model is a bit down, but the company is planning to bring the new Swift 2017 variant in the first half of 2017, which probably lift up the car in the list. Still Swift is on the fourth position in the list.

Hyundai Grand i10

hyundai-grand-i10On the fifth place, here comes Hyundai with its Grand i10. The company sold 14,530 units in October 2016 which is nearly the same performance as the model did last year with the sell of 14,079 units in October 2015. Grand i10 also managed to raise up the number of units sold as compared to September 2016, when it sold 12,212 units. So, because of its constant performance, the model still took the 5th position in the list.

Hyundai Elite i20

hyundai-elite-i20Sixth place in the list is also acquired by Hyundai with its Elite i20 model. The company made a sale of 11,532 units in October 2016, which was nearly equal to its sale in October 2015 with 11,019 units. The model also managed to raise up the sales part, as Hyundai sold 10,254 units in September 2016. Hyundai Elite i20 with a fair performance managed to grab the 6th place in the list.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

maruti-suzuki-balenoHere comes Maruti Suzuki again, the seventh position in the list is attained by the 2016 launched Maruti Suzuki Baleno. This model of the company is very famous in the youngsters, as Baleno is blessed with a ravishing and simple design language. The company has sold 10,623 units in September 2016, which was raised in the month of October to 10, 718 units. The company sold this model exclusively through NEXA showrooms.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

maruti-suzuki-vitara-brezzaOn the eighth position, there is the compact SUV of Maruti Suzuki, the 2016 launched Vitara Brezza. The company has sold 9,375 units of the model in September 2016, which was increased to 10,056 units in the month October as the festive season came in.

Renault Kwid

renault-kwidHere comes Renault Kwid at the second last position. The company sold 10,558 units in the month of September 2016, which was dropped down to 9,801 units in the month of October. The company recently launched AMT variant of the KWID, which could be the reason of the slip in sales of the company.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio

maruti-suzuki-celerioIn the end there is one more model of Maruti Suzuki, the Celerio. The company sold 9,581 units of the model in October 2016, which made is grab the tenth position in the list.

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