These are the days when the technology is booming like anything and the automobile sector is one of the famous sector to get affected. Specifically talking about India, the market is growing faster than the world and the most anticipated segment is the Luxury cars. Now, there are some things which you need to take car while you compare cars before buying one, and here below I’m offering some tips to you for the very same reason.

Durability of the Cars

The most important thing you need to take car while comparing cars is the material which has been used in making of the body of the car. The material should be resistant to the small dents and scratches with enough strength to save your from the major injuries in case of an accident. You can get the knowledge about the material of the car from the pamphlet or digging up the internet before going to the showroom.

Engine and Mileage

I know you can dump a car’s good looks and interiors for the engine power and mileage. So, while you try to compare cars, don’t forget to check out the engine power in respect of BHP and torque. And yeah, the car with more power at lesser RPM is more effective as lesser the RPM, faster the car will achieve the power and torque.

Compare Car Engine

Talking about the mileage, you can take them as you want, but I suggest you to buy petrol cars as they have almost no maintenance and if you’ll calculate the expenditure of the car over 2 years including fuel and service, the petrol car will win the race over diesel for sure. Also, the machinery of the of the petrol cars is very hard and strenghtful to the damages.

Interiors and Comfort

Next step while comparing cars is the interiors ,and here you need to check out the luggage space, leg room, seat fabric quality, driver seat adjustment, roof height and of course the dashboard features to choose good one for you.

Compare Car Interiors

Exteriors and Tyres

Now, after investigating the car from inside and mechanically, you must check it out from the outside as well. You need to check out the lines on side face as more the lines and cuts greater is the speed. Also, the rear should not be too low as it’ll slow down the speed because of the air pressure. And from the front, the car need to be have some aerodynamic shape like little sharpness from the corner won’t harm.

Compare Car Exteriors

Taking the tyres, make sure you check that the rubber is good quality and there is no wear and tear in them at all. You can read more about knowing your tyres here.

Final Words

I guess now you have all the details while you’re taking your cars to compare and if you still have any question or suggestion in mind, then please so let us know in the comment section below and we vow to help you out.