Virtual World and Virtual Reality have become most common words in this tech era. Some of us are well known with the terms; some have experienced this world and some of us are entirely unknown from this new world. But, very few ones know about the entrails of the same. When I first hear about the Oculus Rift (A Virtual Reality Headset), words just failed me. My level of surprise and shock soared high and knock me down with a feather. Then I started searching over web for this completely strange new Virtual World and Virtual Reality. After spending lot of time over Internet, I met with some results which made these terms conceivable for me. Well, I won’t test your curiosity anymore. I am going to epitomize all to prove its existence in real world.

Virtual World and Virtual Reality

Confused Between Virtual World and Virtual Reality?

If you are moving confusingly between Virtual World and Virtual Reality, then first off you need to understand the literal meaning of both. The Virtual World is a 3D environment where you can interact with other objects and can also create your own for the same. While on the other hand, the Virtual Reality recreates the simulation by including virtual taste, smell, touch and sound so that you can feel yourself real in the virtual world.

I am not going into technical words so you will better assimilate the concept and working behind this new technology. Where Virtual World is only about the three-dimensional environment, the Virtual Reality is the term to experience that virtual world in person.

Virtual World

Your Presence in Virtual World

As aforementioned, you can experience this new world but how? Here is the answer, you act in this new world as Avatar which is nothing else than your virtual representation. You can make your avatar in any shape and in any form; female, male, and animal; anyone in which you want to see yourself. This virtual world also has variety of themes; you can pick any among them like sports, science fiction, historical, fantasy and many more. You cannot only move around there, but can also interact with people through voice, text and touch. Wonder will never cease!

Virtual Reality

Gadgets to Take you into 3D Environment

To experience all these worlds and to interact there to feel real, you need some equipment. A device or a gadget, which will take you there. You can call them head-mounted display or glasses or gloves. These are the gadgets which can connect you to the 3D environment by displaying images along with some sounds, and other sensory input. Now, you can move, talk, fight, play, and do anything whatever you want in this environment. Even it gives you the opportunity to connect with your loved ones like real by sensory inputs while you are far away from them.

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Virtual Reality Devices

Life in Virtual Reality Gaming

Applications of this virtual reality are vast which cannot be described in this single article. I’m articulating the one part which most people of this 21st century are fond of. Contingently, it can be used for various purposes in various sectors like Healthcare, Military, Education, Art, Business, Sport, Weather Forecasting, Visualization and many more. However, entertainment can be counted in the biggest one to feel relax and entertained.

VR Games

Well, let’s come to the virtual reality gaming part again which has become most popular in teenagers. These games have everything- from animations to graphics; even you can feel alive in the game as you can talk and touch things. No matter which console do you have, a range of virtual reality games are available in market. If you are thinking this type of gaming is only for teenagers, then you are wrong. It has variety of games for every type of player; from kid to teenager to adult. Lots of VR devices are also available in market to offer the same gaming experience. Recently, a gaming products manufacturer Valve brought VR Headset Vive for the same with more advanced features.

Top VR Games

Well, epitomizing this entire new world in one article is tough. I have tried my best to make this Virtual Reality thing easy to understand. So, next time if you plan to go outside experiencing the new things, then you can go for these Virtual stuffs to expand your world virtually.