The beef eaters now again smile on their faces as beef returns back to the Mumbai market and restaurant menus. A few months ago, beef was banned in the city, but after a couple of month, it starts again, although in the form of buffalo meat only. Beef traders and merchants at the Deonar slaughterhouse went on a strike against the imposition of the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act, with its scope of expanded to cover bulls and bullocks and stopped to kill animals, which are now exempted.

Mr. Mohammed Ali Qureishi, the President of Mumbai Beef Dealers’ Welfare Association stated that,

“We couln’t have sustained the strike indefinitely as many families were on the verge of starvation. Buffalo meat is available, but is insufficient as supply can’t match demand in the city”.

Less supply of beef has raised up prices to INR 200 per kg from the pre-ban INR 180 per kg. The owners of a restaurant feel pleased too. Mr. Mohsin Hasan Qureishi, the owner of Alamgir Hotel near JJ junction said,

“Business is picking up again as beef is back on our menus. Some customers complain that beef now is of inferior quality, but it is a big relief for us”.

When the beef was banned in the state, around 450 animals were slaughtered daily at the Deonar slaughterhouse.

On April 1, the day slaughtering of buffalos resumed, around 250 animals were slaughtered. No slaughter took place on April 2 as it was Mahavir Jayanti. We expect more buffalos to reach tha abattoir in the coming days”.

stated by Dr. Pathan Kaleem, the Deputy General Manager, Deonar Abattoir.

Mr. Khalid Qureishi, The president (Mumbai) of All India Jamiatul Qureish said,

“We are trying to tell the government that bulls and bullocks, which upon attaining 14 years of age are no longer useful for agricultural work, should be allowed to be slaughtered, If the state relaxes the rule on this basis and old and unproductive bulls and bullocks are slaughtered, it will benefit both farmers and the people associated with beef trade and the leather industry”.