Switzerland travellers were the top spender for their visit in India among the international tourists in 2014. According to a report, there was an 11% rise from expending their money compared to last year. The Hotel Price Index (HPI) report on hotel prices was,

“Visitors from Switzerland spent the most while staying in India in 2014. On an average, they paid INR 8,261 in this period, which is 11% more from what they paid in 2013”.

In the report, globetrotters from 18 countries were covered and noticed that they spent more than what they did in 2014 in hotels room in India. It showed that, there is an overall 3% rise in average room rates across the country. This report was based on advanced bookings on sites across the world and tracks the actual prices paid per hotel room.

Trippers from Hong Kong were the top spenders in India in 2013, but according to the report of 2014, it dropped to 2nd with a total expenditure of INR 7,753 per night for a room, followed by Britons, which was on 3rd position, who expended INR 7,616. Among the Asian countries, Denmark and Malaysia were the top risers respectively.

INR 6,437 expended by Denmark travellers, which stood in position 17 and Malaysia spent INR 5,956 followed at 25th position on the list. The French travellors spent INR 6,186, after that, the Taiwanese, who paid INR 6,094, that increases a rise of 10% from their expenditure in the last year.

The tourists from the Spain, who paid an average of INR 6,089, which grow 8% from 2013 and INR 7,437, paid by Americans with 2% hike. There were few countries, that declined their expenditure at Indian Hotels was also recorded by the Thais, fall of 12% to INR 6,052, after come by New Zealanders, who spent INR 6,094, decrease 6% compared to 2013. Some more countries were recorded, that drop their expenditure, such as South Africa and China by 4%.