It is seriously not easy to find an appropriate application that saves your battery as most battery saver choices are manual, comprising adjusting the brightness on your screen, turn down the frequency used in relation to sync data and other methods. Many times, the battery saving apps provide more harm than normal cases. To help you out, here are the best battery saver apps for Android.


1. Amplify

It is a root app along with certain suitable features. The app mainly works in identifying and eliminating wake-locks. The wake-lock is a condition which stops your smartphone to go into sleep mode. This app is helpful in reducing all such kinds of processes. With Amplify, you are able to regulate alarms, apps and other services which drain your battery. It is very user-friendly and easy to use app which is available for free. The pro-version of the app helps in adding more features.


(Download Here)

2. GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is among the popular battery saver app. It doesn’t do anything in order to save battery but provides information on where your battery is draining. With the provided information, you can save your battery. GSam Battery Monitor provides information on wake time, wake-locks, sensor data and CPU. This battery saver app for iPhone also available on app store.

GSam Battery Monitor

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3. Servicely

Servicely is among the better root-only battery saver apps. It stops services running in the background. You can choose from the apps which you think is the cause of the biggest battery drain. This app is great for detecting a potent one-two punch. The Servicely is very configurable with engine choices to create a better platform for how it works. The pro-version is available at a $3.49 in-app purchase.


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4. Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector is among the best battery saver app for android. This app is helpful in detecting wake-locks. It is able to detect both partial and full wake-locks. There, you can find replacements, uninstall the apps and use other apps such as Servicely or Greenify to make them stop the irrelevant process. This is the preferable app for root users.

Wakelock Detector

(Download Here)

5. Greenify

Greenify is a well-known battery saver app. The app is available with modern features for Android Nougat along with Aggressive Doze and Doze modes. The app is helpful for root and non-root devices. Although, root option comes with more functions and power. Will free feature options, there is an optional donate version costing $2.99 in case you are interested in supporting development.


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6. Linpus Battery Saver

It is among the best Android battery saver apps. It is free and available with amazing and unique features. Relying on the battery level, it shows the time you can use a particular app as the battery is going to drain. You can see which apps take more time, and depending on this, you can kill the app with a single click. The app is well-accommodated with power usage plans and intelligent power savings.

Linpus Battery Saver

(Download Here)

7. Battery Defender:

This app is great as it works to extend your battery life without paying anything. It disables Wifi and data connection as you turn on your screen. It does genius sync to make the app to sync in 15 minutes in order to save battery. Quite sleeping mode disables wifi and data network when you are sleeping. When your battery is draining, it will make wifi and data network disabled while using the phone.

Battery Defender

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8. DU Battery Saver:

The DU Battery Saver apk helps in extending your smartphones battery life. The app comprises SMART PRE-SET MODES to select the battery power usage or adjust the right balance between performance and battery saver app. One tap will enough to set off the apps running in the background and show information to save your battery.

DU Battery Saver

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9. GO Battery Saver:

The free Android app is for optimizing and saving the battery of the android phone. It has a choice of auto-optimization where you get several predefined modes and also customizes the battery saving modes. To make the process faster, it suggests the battery percentage. It has a smart tab in order to define task at a particular time.

 GO Battery Saver

(Download Here)

10. Battery Doctor:

Battery Doctor saves and extends the battery life. It is among the best battery saver apps. It is available absolutely free with lots of features. As your phone doesn’t display the real percentage of battery life, this app becomes very helpful in deciding the accurate percentage. This app has an inbuilt task killer to turn off apps which take more power even when we are not using the phone. It utilizes unique 3 cycles to enhance battery, increasing the speed of the device and widgets to improve battery performance. You can free download battery saver here:

 Battery Doctor

(Download Here)