Apple owns iOS operating system which is developed by the company itself and is famous for its eminence devices and OS. App store from the Apple is a rich catalog with approximately 2 million iPhone applications. Also, 1.3 billion Apple devices available on the market shows the tremendous demand for the iPhones.

Apple is famous for delivering the devices hard to compete with any other brands in quality and performance. Consumers are very satisfied with the iPhones and this is the reason why Apple is growing continuously in the market.

Apple iOS 12 Update

From the beginning, Apple has been always improving its operating system with new devices. With the superior security, strict standards, rules, policies and regulations, the chances tend to zero for hanged and security breach.

The recently launched iOS 12 is also enriched with many advanced features. Some of them are mentioned below:

iOS 12 Update Features:

1. Time-Limit:

iOS 12 comes with the functionality to limit the time spend on mobile. As the research shows that many people particularly students forget about studies and pay more attention to smartphones and consequently their time lapse. But, now with the iOS 12, one can see the time has spent using the iPhone from the time one unlocks or starts it. A user can set a time limit such as 15 minutes and after completing 15 minutes, it will show the Time-up message.

Time Limit

2. Your Memoji

With this feature, the user can personalize his own memojis. It is also possible to make a masks look just like the user. With the option of hairstyles, eye color, accessories, and face masks, the memojis give the touch of outness. Right now, the characteristic is only available with iPhone X holders.

Your Memoji

3. High-Performance Update:

With a lot of efforts, the brand has launched iOS 12. It is expected by the users that the iOS will replace the errors in iOS 11 and provide faster performance by 40% to 70%, 50% faster keyboard display, 40% quicker mobile application launch and 70% quicker camera application. It will deliver two times quicker apps working as compared to the iOS 11.

Smooth Performance

4. Reading Now

For reading lovers, Apple books have new design and features. With the new features, it is easy to listen, discover and read the books. The ‘Reading Now‘ feature is available to accumulate the books presently you are reading and about to complete. It as well suggests the same reading style books you preferred before. A user can also mark completed and wish to read. The trending books are also available to consider.

Apple Books

5. FaceTime Feature

iOS 11 was available with FaceTime and Grouped notification features. Now, the FaceTime feature is updated and 32 people facetime is available at a particular time. People are displayed in a tiled manner. From the total people in a chat, the speaker tile just comes in front automatically in a larger form. It makes the user keep check the conversation track. You can even use memojis in between the ongoing conversation in video calls.

FaceTime Feature

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6. Enhanced Reality Experience:

Augmented reality is now in trend as being the significant technology and obviously, Apple is also equipped with this feature. The multiplayer functionality is available with ARKit 2 which is famous for creating exciting multiplayer games.

Enhanced Reality Experience:

7. More Languages For  Siri:

In a competition with Google Assistant, the company is also pondering to introduce something similar to this. iOS 12 comes equipped with 40 languages concerning Siri. Siri also launched another characteristic of advice on the basis of mobile usability. For example, it reminds the user about meetings and birthdays. With the Siri shortcuts, it will be available for third-party programmers.

8. Shortcuts To Apps

Apple has introduced shortcut apps. The third-party apps which you want to be available on the mobile screen. Siri becomes helpful in to serve this for Apple. Apple mentions iOS 12 that Siri will assist the users and make their lives easy. When the user asks Siri that “I want to drink tea”, the Siri directly place the order for the tea that user has generally ordered based on the history tracking. Siri stores every piece of data regarding the activities performed by the user to offer best outcomes.

Shortcuts To Apps

9. Notification Update:

The new upgrade in notification center of Apple will assist the characteristics of grouped notifications instead of getting notifications in one app in a confusing manner, the iOS 12 operator will get in a grouped manner. The notifications will be available in a line as in stack manner, able to make it comfortable. The 3D appearance is available and the user can also expand the view to figure out what is there.

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10. Latest News:

iOS 12 comes with the upgraded application of news & stocks. The app provides the latest and trending news regarding the stock market and other relevant topics too. It shows charts and updates regarding live stocks. This makes the people read the latest news regarding stocks anytime and keep tracking the favorite stocks.

11. Measure App

The measure app integrated is just awesome as it provides accurate measurements with the help of a camera. It is capable to exact distance of a wall or any object by the means of augmented reality. According to some reports, it is expected that the iOS 12 would implement some unique values apart from the other similar apps currently available at certain app platforms. While the purpose of the app is sincerely great to the extent, it is also known to be very well understood and simple operative UI.

Measure App

12. Limit Ads:

When a user searches about the products and something, they see ads. With iOS 12, the iPhone users can disallow or allow the ads.


All the available features of iOS 12 are going to set a mindset to buy iPhone and blow the whistle for existing users. The iOS 11 was not able to keep the identity of Apple with encountered bugs and ambiguities. But, now the team efforts to make iOS 12 seem to become fruitful for the company as this will bring the best device portrayal of the Apple-backed advanced technologies.

With lots of features, users will get enhanced connectivity, improved security and good experience in personalization. iPhone app programmers will obtain considerably more scope and creativity by doing experiments with the features.